Shark NV800 vs. NV803 Comparison and Review [Feb. 2023]

The vacuum industry has been spewing out standout brands these days. Among these unreputable great brands is the Shark with its two tight-fighting models justifying the urgency of the Shark NV800 vs. NV803 comparison and review!

Quite roughly, both models boast of the rotator head technology. So it’s definitely a close fight!

The slim gray area that separates the two is crucial for maximizing both models’ capacities, perfectly matching them to several usability contexts. 

While we’d suggest buying NV800 and NV803 together, that’d be impractical. Who would want to use two vacuums at once? 

This article is entirely dedicated to that purpose: help you find the best one without feeling sorry over the one. 

So, let’s get vacuuming!

Shark NV800 vs. NV803 Comparison and Review

Shark NV800 vs. NV803 Comparison and Review: What Works Best for Me?

That’s a question you got there. You see, it’s trickier than you expect, because the answer isn’t actually found in the products in question. 

Even the best of the vacuum products could eventually turn out to be a disappointment if it fails to meet your specific context. 

What is context, then?

Context simply means the situation unique to you. It’s what defines your needs and wants. Meaning, it’s what motivates you to use a specific vacuum design for. 

See, it should come from you. 

Now, if these contexts seem yet unclear to you, let us carve them out through our extra-comprehensive 2023 buying guide

Go, check them all out below:

DuoClean Technology

The DuoClean technology involves two brush rolls in one head. One brush has finer, softer bristles, while the other has harder bristles. Both brush rolls clean, lift and brush away dust, debris, and other particles in the carpet. 

They’re easily switched in position via finger control. This kind of technology allows concentrated carpet and upholstery cleaning without shifting from tool to tool. 

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Not all vacuums have this feature. Mainly unique for the more recent Shark NV series, this feature resembles a yellow nozzle that is inserted on the tip of the vacuum roll. When attached, the nozzle keeps hair, fur, feathers, cotton, fiber, etc. from snagging into the roll. 

This comes particularly handy for pet owners who find declogging tiring. Moreover, the nozzle maintains a light wrap on the vacuum device so that you can keep attached the whole time.

Powered Lift-Away Technology

While some vacuums are wheeled, most Shark vacuums are lifted as extra-light canisters. Apparently, this feature turns the whole vacuum into a lift-away canister so that you can move it along, carry it and position it with the least effort imaginable. 

But what makes the difference between a lift-away and a powered lift-away?

The lift-away technology customizes the vacuum by allowing its hose to be removed, making the vacuum more ergonomic in cleaning above areas.

The powered lift-away, on the other hand, simply amplifies with cleaning power even without hose and some accessories. 

These three properties should rule out the right Shark vacuum for you. In a way, they carve and define the usage contexts unique to every user. 

Now that we got our hands on this extra-comprehensive buying guide, let’s begin with the review…

Shark NV800 vs. NV803: The Ultimate Round

We’re finally here! The ultimate showdown. Reading this entire article, you will have decided the best Shark vacuum model that delivers to your specific needs. 

Here we go!

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum with DuoClean NV800

Complete with customizable features from top to bottom, this already charming Shark NV800 vacuum impresses with a third powered-lift cleaning style. 

DuoClean takes a fresh face with Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away’s third cleaning action. 

Imagine having to vacuum without exhausting your arms: that’s what the third DuoClean action realizes. The Upright mode. This particular edge by the Shark vacuum NV800 model should not be possible, say, years ago. 

Now, that technology has fully bloomed into what we experience of this vacuum product today. 

If you think this has gotten so much better, wait till you hear about the advanced swivel steering. Never before has such a mechanism found its way in the vacuum cleaners. That is because vacuum rollers are usually designed to be stiff. 

But alas! The swivel steering easily moves along desired edges, curves, corners, and paths. With the upright mode, this should easily produce the smoothest cleaning action yet. 

Do all these accessories blend in to give a full uninterrupted cleaning experience?

Of course, it does by a 100% certainty. 

Its other accessories include the upholstery tool, crevice tool and the pet power brush. These items go over details as minute as a strand of hair. Regardless of having or not having a pet around, all its accessories deliver on-point. 

Other standout features by the Shark NV800 vacuum include anti-allergen seal technology, 2 brush rollers, powered-lift away design, etc. 

For such a technological evolution as the Shark NV800, it doesn’t cost that much really. Ask the satisfied users. 


  • Added features
  • Enhanced DuoClean (with added Upright mode)
  • More stable vacuuming and cleaning
  • Durable finish
  • Strong suction capacity
  • Has anti-allergen seal
  • Best for above cleaning


  • Easily overheats
  • Takes time to cool off
  • Takes time to troubleshoot

Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away, Standard, Cinnamon

Bearing the usual prowess of the NV series, the Shark NV803 is the royalty for deep-cleaning action. 

If you’re ever conscious of having to attack large debris without fearing breakage, you’ll be deeply satisfied by this latest update of the NV series – the Shark NV803 vacuum!

Hailed for its no-front-wall design, the vacuum, with its DuoClean technology can deal with both fine and large particles. But it proves especially revolutionary with its roller capacity to swallow large stuff. 

Doubled up in design and package, this product is certified to last longer than expected. Strengthened by the main properties of the NV series – self-cleaning tool, duoclean, and a powered lift-away configuration – this latest vacuum literally knows no limit.

Perhaps its biggest edge yet is its deep-clean/direct engagement action. 

What does it do then? 

This action concentrates the suction into several surface types – upholstery, solid, wood, etc. With this truly deep-cleaning function, it should be able to remove the oldest dust and dirt possible. 

As royalty for deep-cleaning action, it suctions up through the littlest nooks of every fiber and foam. That should prove most helpful for those who own offices and other public spaces where dirt is commonplace. Ultimately, it does it all with a powered lift-away technology. 

Other remarkable features of the product include the dynamic swivel steering, LED light indicators, anti-allergen seal, and a high dust cup capacity. 


  • Super deep-cleaning action/ direct engagement
  • Durable finish
  • Energy-saving technology
  • Heat-release technology
  • Lightweight
  • Strong suction power
  • DuoClean technology
  • Best for above cleaning
  • Has anti-allergen seal


  • Difficult-to-replace motor
  • Loose hose extension 
  • Loose nozzles
Standard Features/ Usability ContextShark NV800Shark NV803Verdict
DuoCleanHas upgraded DuoClean technology with added upright modeHas basic, yet solid DuoClean techShark NV800 obviously has a more advantageous offer in this design. However, its added upright mode can be quite a handy if you’re vacuuming on a maximum load. 
Shark NV803, on the other hand, has basic duoClean but yields zero problems in the long run. 
Therefore, users who prefer less handling should go for NV800; those who are more comfortable with gripping should go with NV803.  
Self-cleaning nozzleHas separate cleaning nozzleHas integrated self-cleaning tool, but in nozzle formThe thing about the nozzle is that it proves tiresome for some users to attach and remove. But what’s great about the nozzle is that it quickly traps and releases dirt on act. Shark NV800’s basic nozzle design secures 100% no clogs. 
Shark NV803, on one hand, has an advanced integrated self-cleaning tool. That should be convenient for most people. But here’s where you should weigh things in: it’s integrated self-cleaning tool is not in a nozzle shape. So there’s a high chance that it quickly accumulates clogs, requiring users to clean it at least once every 2 weeks. 
Users who are comfortable with a manual nozzle should go with the NV800; users who prefer cleaning an integrated self-cleaning nozzle every 2 weeks should go with NV803. 
Powered Lift-awayStable lift-awayStable lift-awayBoth powered-lift away technologies go on equal paces and capacities. Both could also be carried for above cleaning. So, this round goes to the two Shark models. 

How to Clean and Maintain the Shark NV800 and NV803 Vacuums

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Set all needed materials for cleaning. 

Prepare the necessary stuff so that you don;t have to move around when you are actually cleaning the vacuum. These include:

  • Cloth
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cutting tool
  • Cleaning solution
  • Water (preferably warmer than normal temperature)

Step 2. Remove all parts of the vacuum. 

  • Turn the power off.
  • Slowly remove the parts of the vacuum – canister, self-cleaning nozzle, roller, and hose.

Step 3. Check out for blockages and clean. 

  • Look into these individual parts.
  • Inspect for blockages. 
  • Clean with water and a cleaning solution. 
  • Use the brush to remove the dirt. 
  • Empty the bins.
  • Clear the filters. 
  • Check for dirt on the hose. 
  • Clean
  • Rinse all cleaned parts. 
  • Reattach vacuum parts when dry. 


  1. How many filters do the Shark vacuum NV800 and NV803 have?

They usually have 2 filters, the foam and the felt. But some designs, depending on their bulk have added HEPA filters. 

  1. Can I rinse the HEPA filter?

If a HEPA filter indicates that it can be washed, then wash it by all means. If not, then don’t.

  1. Which has a more powerful suction: NV800 or NV803?

The Shark NV803 has a more powerful suction capacity. 

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Without a doubt, the slim gray area that separates the two is crucial for maximizing both models’ capacities, perfectly matching them to several usability contexts. As per Shark NV800 vs. NV803 comparison and review is concerned, this has all been covered. 

So what’s the biggest conclusion in all these? 

In terms of the DuoClean technology, users who prefer less handling should go for NV800; those who are more comfortable with gripping should go with NV803. 

In terms of the self-cleaning technology, users who are comfortable with a manual nozzle should go with the NV800; users who prefer cleaning an integrated self-cleaning nozzle every 2 weeks should go with NV803. 

Finally, in the powered lift-away technology, both products rule. 

Shark NV800 vs. NV803 Comparison and Review