The Best Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M Vacuum Cleaner Review [Feb. 2023]

The vacuum cleaner models of Shark’s Apex Duo Clean are full-sized and stand upright to extend power. Among all the upright models, the Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M thrives at the top owing to the combination of technologies borne by the shark apex az1002 model.  

Vacuum-cleaning gets much easier even as you reach out to the deeper cores behind or below your furniture or at the stairs; things tend to get simplified by the detachable canister. Most of the new-age users have welcomed the advanced technology of Powered Lift-Away. Both the nozzle at the floor and the handle bear the LED lights. The model owes much of its maneuverability to the Shark Rotator model supporting Swivel steering.

The capacity to carry some 1.5 dry quarts is there due to the empty-bottom design of the dust bin. Also the 11 inches seems to be a much broader cleaning path for the Apex Duo Clean.

What Is the Price of Shark Apex Zero M?

Taking the quality factor into account, the shark apex upright vacuum with duoclean comes with an amazing price tag of $200. A discount may even be offered temporarily be offered at times.

Who Would Buy A Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M?

A vast majority of users that have purchased the attachment of Dust-Away have voted in favor of a microfiber pad roped in with the suction. Most of them have stressed on the enhanced capacity of the vacuum cleaner in pulling out bigger items that lie on its way as it draws up fine dust particles with the surface of the pad.

Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M – Product Review 

Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M

Compared to the predecessors Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator, the shark apex zero m comes with a much superior quality and design. It has shown much promise in terms of the build quality.

The DuoClean Technology permits the Shark Apex Upright to go from high heap rug to low heap floor covering to hardwood. Each set has a specific light marker just beneath the force button. Flip the switch underneath the force button for the floor type and afterward turn it on. The brush roll and delicate roller cooperate to get short and long hair, just as pet hair from your rugs and hardwood floors. As indicated by Shark, you can likewise utilize this model to profound clean covers (which we believe is exact; see our high heap cover tests underneath). 

Attractions and the double brush roll framework consolidate to viably clean your floors. The brush roll pulls up trash, permitting the attractions to lift it away into the reasonable residue container canister. 

Shark flaunts Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which means all the allergens and earth are better fixed in the canister until you’re prepared to exhaust it. 

Controlled Rise on Electric Current 

The Powered Lift-Away innovation gives you a 2-in-1 plan in this Shark APEX upright model. Utilize the upstanding vacuum to clean floors and afterward the Powered Lift-Away for steps and other difficult to arrive at places.

The 17.1-pound vacuum is on the zone bearing more weight-age, so the Lift-Away canister makes the necessary accommodation without buying any extra handheld vacuum that is lighter. 


Any individual who has grappled with hair folded over the brush roll will appreciate this element in the Shark APEX vacuum.


  •  It keeps you off from the hair tangles. It keeps you relieved of the hassles of pulling out the wraps manually.
  • Build quality feels great. High quality plastic has been used to develop the components.
  • Besides enabling the unit to accommodate all accessories, the Shark Apex ensures quick maneuverability and ease of use.


  • The multiple cleaning modes have led to slight variation in noise.
  • Few of the models would require the bins to be vacated more frequently due to lower capacity of holding debris.

Benefits of Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M

Best Shark Apex Duoclean Zero-M Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Zero-M innovation satisfies its name in the Shark APEX DuoClean, which means you will not need to pay support costs with this model. 

•The brush roll is auto-cleaned and it eliminates hair around the roller as it’s gotten. 

•The HEPA channel is already there with froth embedding is quite simplified for laundering and even reusable. Essentially run it submerged to spotless and afterward let it dry totally prior to reinstalling. 

•While cleaning, tapping any free component of soil from the froth channels ensures that you don’t commit mistakes while executing suction.

Buying and Usage Guide:

The latest vacuum cleaners possess a cleaning head that follows a highly innovative and recently launched technology. The brush roll remains free from wrapping caused by air as it posses the Zero-M feature. 

Unexpectedly, Shark made a vacuum that doesn’t expect you to trim hair wraps physically. Both long and short strands are effectively taken out from the fibers and sucked up into the dustbin, dispensing with the requirement for some scissors each time you vacuum hair wreck. In the event that you have needed to cut off a pet or human air from the brush move, you realize how upsetting it very well maybe. With the new Shark Zero-M vacuum cleaners, that issue is settled. The innovation isn’t one of its sorts, yet it’s a critical improvement to the all-around incredible Shark vacuums. Here is the manner it works: 

The upgraded brush move includes a fiber monitor and a brush like construction. As the vacuum gets flotsam and jetsam, the fiber monitor isolates the sucked up hair, keeping it from circumventing the brush roll. The brush at that point eliminates the hair, setting it inside the pull way and right to the residue receptacle. The cycle is consistent, happening the whole time the mechanized head is running activity. 

The organization even suggests running the vacuum for a while if the obvious hairs on the brush move after you’re through with cleaning. Doing so encourages the innovation to consequently eliminate the hair strands so you never need to do it without anyone’s help. With this element, all the Shark M-Zero vacuums won’t experience difficulty getting hair from rugs and sending it to the earth chamber.

Customer Reviews and Scores 

Vine Voice

4.0 out of 5 stars Has some nice features

The shark apex upright with duoclean yields a great vacuum that is equipped with some unique features that I am fond of. Once it arrived, it seemed super easy for me to assemble all things. We didn’t even need to go through the user manual. 


5.0 out of 5 stars It really sucks!

It really sucks! It made my old carpet look as if it were new. I own a house worth 3500 sq/ft that covers almost half the carpet. For about 3 times, the canister had to be dumped. The skin cells, dust, and dirt would cover it more often than that of debris or hair. 

Courtney Maple

3.0 out of 5 stars Comes with great suction….

I had already used a Sharp Apex when I purchased it. The first one wasn’t equipped with Zero-M. The issue remains a similar one as that of the first one. They give me that awesome heavy-duty feeling when I hold them.  It seemed super easy to set things right out of the box!


  1. What makes the DuoClean system so effective?

The table acquires much out of the Shark DuoClean NV803 as I prove value for money. The combination of bristle brush and soft roller makes the DuoClean system more advanced in collecting dirt. It helps in cleaning off fine dust particles besides collecting large debris.

  1. Is it simple to empty the dust cup?

Once you are prepared to empty shark apex duoclean zero-m, you must hit the release button for detaching the dust cup. The front portion of the canister holds a tab, which you need to flip while holding the cup over the trash can. It will help in dumping the entire collection right from the bottom.

  1. Is It Good for Steering?

The steering of the swivel head proves to be of excellent quality. It enables you to guide the cleaning head of the machine near appliances and furniture without requiring much hassle. If you need further come to, the Lift-Away component permits you to segregate the cleaning head. You don’t have to stress over decreased cleaning power subsequent to isolating the brush move since it stays mechanized. The models in the line accompany a 30-feet power string which is adequate for the usual home.

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The Shark APEX Zero-M DuoClean is certainly one of the most sought-after vacuum Shark fabrications. It passed through the cleaning tests with flying colors and accomplished the rating of 99.7%. The form factor is of superb quality and it seems to have improved by a few degrees when compared to Shark’s Rotator and Navigator uprights worth lower values (the two of which we additionally truly like). However, all vacuum cleaner manufacturers have their own usage guide for the prospective buyers. You must go through it in details before touching your wallet!