Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner Vacuum 2306a: An Intimate Review [May. 2023]

They’ve all said it: the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro vacuum is the ultimate tool for both wet and dry vacuuming, extensive cleaning, and pet mess control. Get ready to learn everything about this cleaning tool today!

An actual dual cleaning tool: wet and dry. The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro emerges as an important invention of this generation. Beyond the comfort it provides, this technology, powered with an equally efficient mop, decreases cleaning time and effort. 

Both professional critics and regular users agree that this latest product from Bissell is a royalty in tackling pet waste problems. With its high-quality microfiber, it absorbs all dirt, rounds it up, and then shatters it to oblivion. The product’s area rug brush makes sure of that. Whether you are dealing with stubborn pet hair, stains, and other waste forms on rugs, carpets, or any surfaces, you’ll find an unpretentious alliance with this unit!

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306a

In addition, it comes with a cleaning solution and other accessories. So it’s known to be a tough cleaner. For the first time, we’ll be taking this product into our review platform. The test results are here: you’ll finally discover how tough it is when cleaning and mopping multi-surfaces. 

Ready or not, here we go!

Why Should I Use the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Vacuum?

If you are a practical buyer and user, then it should be right for you to use the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro in dealing with a ton of home issues like hygiene, orderliness, and overall peace of mind (especially if you happen to own pets). 

With the issues highlighted, let us hear the actual benefits of owning the vacuum

  1. It secures the shortest cleaning time possible. 
  2. It is durable. 
  3. It does a lot of things in a short time.
  4. It requires the least handling effort possible. 
  5. It is light and easy to maneuver. 
  6. It maintains spontaneous and uninterrupted wet-dry cleaning. 
  7. It’s great in tackling pet mess. 
  8. It comes with a package containing a cleaning solution, tray, 2 brush rolls, etc.
  9. It is a professional technology.

You’ve got all the reasons to consider buying the product. However, if you’re still not convinced, then you should experience our intimate review of the vacuum. 

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro in the Flesh: An Intimate & Honest Review

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro vacuum is often referred to as a corded magic. While the phrase appears to be paradoxical, given that corded vacuums have their unmistakable limitation in reach, it should also directly mean what it says. 

Exactly how much of a corded magic it is will be explored by this intimate Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Multi-Surface 2306a review. 


The BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306a

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306a

This corded technology functions both as a vacuum and a mop. Packed with all the necessary accessories and cleaning solutions, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t top as the best wet/dry cleaning solution!

Among the best features the item presents is its tangle-free pet brush roll. What’s in it? Inside, the vacuum bears a finely-paced detailed brush for storing and eliminating dirt. This feature, in turn, earns it the reputation for being the best pet brush tool. We put its tangle-free pet brush to the test, and the results were marvelously satisfactory. While it does succumb to tangles when operated for a straight 30 minutes, its tangles tend to be easily removed. 

But where does the pet hair go?

It’s got a specialized strainer that separates pet hair from the fluid content and prevents interference in the movement of the tanks; also, it keeps the hair from clogging in the system. 

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro vacuum is non-existent without its dual-cleaning action, nonetheless its dual tank. The dual technology allows the vacuum to instantly shift between wet or dry cleaning attention. 

For wet cleaning, it uses a sophisticated mop that promises high dirt-absorption. Layered in with microfiber pads and nylon-bristle brush, the wet cleaning configuration sure does soften stains, odors, and other debris. The brush then removes all of those. 

Its wet technology reveals sophistication over sophistication as it carries in a built-in bucket the releases water and cleaning solution with just a few soft touches. In this way, you won’t have to stop cleaning to manually replace water. 

The vacuum’s dry-cleaning action involves a mere vacuum; yet, it still manages to exceed expectations with its multi-surface cleaning capacity! In fact, its vacuum system complements perfectly its mopping system. And, with its superior integration, you can vacuum and wash at the same time!

Again, we did try the model on several occasions using our simulations to fish out the vacuum’s weakest links. What proved as its weakest links are (1) fluctuating suction power (in fact, it isn’t really that powerful), (2) spill-proof water container, (3) tendency to overheat, and (4) lack of reach.

These problems can easily be countered by the following response actions:

  • For its suction: Make sure to always unclog before using
  • For spills: When filling the tank with water, make sure to leave an inch’s allowance from the lid. 
  • For the issue of overheat: Do not leave it running straight for more than 30 minutes. 
  • For the lack of reach: Clean areas separately with a thinner mop or clean cloth/fabric. 

Let’s sum it all up:


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Rug Brush
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Easy to Maintain & Troubleshoot
  • Dual Cleaning Action: Wet & Dry
  • Dual Tank
  • Light-Touch Button Activation
  • Multi-Surface Performance
  • Best for Pet Mess/Waste
  • Comes with a Package of Cleaning Solution and Accessories
  • Sufficiently Long Cord


  • Fluctuating suction power
  • Spill-proof water container
  • Tendency to overheat
  • Lack of reach for cleaning difficult & narrow areas

Final verdict: Does the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro vacuum deliver as expected, that is being a corded magic? Yes, it certainly does. It even exceeds expectations at times. Despite its corded type, alongside other issues, it’s still worth the price. 

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306a

That’s our featured model in the flesh. Read on to get more answers…


  1. Can I use the product for cleaning hardwood flooring?

Yes, you can. The Bissell vacuum is a multi-surface cleaning tool. Meaning, it can clean varied surfaces without causing damage. 

  1. Does the Bissell vacuum really work? 

Per our first-hand review, it totally works!

  1. Can I use it to absorb or suction dry debris?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to be mindful over the settings. 

Continue reading to hear our conclusion…

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The ultimate wet-dry cleaning tool. A corded magic. And as to why it’s an important invention for today’s generation, the Bissell CrossWave pet pro vacuum instantly impresses with shorter cleaning time and effort. That remains true even with pet mess in the backdrop. 

It was only a matter of time before we came up with our verdict of the product: “A vacuum that exceeds expectations at times. Despite its corded type, alongside other issues, it’s still truly worth the price”. 

We recommend using the product today. Moreover, just remember to carry out the response actions religiously and you’ll easily maximize the unit’s capacity to maintain hygiene, orderliness, and utter peace in your homes.