How to Clean Bissell Crosswave Best 4 Steps [July. 2023]

How to Clean Bissell Crosswave Best 4 Steps

The need to regularly clean Bissell Crosswave is as important as keeping it safe. But it is not always easy to do it if you’re not familiar with its design and parts. Its separate tanks, for instance, require a familiar hand. 

In other words, the main issue with cleaning the model focuses on familiarity. Getting to know the Bissell product first before cleaning it yields favorable results in the end. 

Here’s the model in a nutshell. 

Bissell product

Why Should I Choose the Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave vacuum fulfills several tasks while securing top-notch cleaning qualities at all times. This standard emerges as a top priority among the vacuums of today. 

Knowing the standout qualities of the product should also help you successfully clean Bissell crosswave. 

Here are other reasons why you should choose Bissell Corsswave:

  1. It works as the best alternative for wet vacuuming.
  2. Its abilities satisfy a whole range of functions. 
  3. It can clean all floor types. 
  4. It comes with a simple system, earning itself a low-maintenance reputation. 
  5. It can both wash and vacuum at the same time. 
  6. It especially satisfies pet waste management. 
  7. The mop quality of the tool does more intimate cleaning than most vacuums. 
  8. It is easier to clean Bissell Crosswave. 
  9. It ensures downtime in the cleaning effort. 
  10. It comes with a complete set of essential accessories and specs. 
  11. It boasts of a durable package. 

How to Clean a Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

These, among many others, should compel you to buy and use the device. 

Now, it’s time to learn how to clean Bissell Crosswave. 

Amazing Steps on How to Clean Bissell Crosswave Post-Usage

Here’s how to clean Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner:

Step #1. Fix the vacuum onto the storage tray. 

  • To clean Bissell Crosswave, attach it onto the storage tray to allow it to stand freely. 
  • Pour water into the rinse pipe located along the sides of the tray where the vacuum head is rested. Allow it to reach the top-level mark. 
  • With the device and water in place, activate the hard floor mode by pressing the indicated button. 
  • With the mode running, tilt the vacuum backward at a 45-degree angle. Leave it activating for 10-15 seconds or when the equipment has fully absorbed the water. 
  • Turn off and unplug the vacuum. 

Step #2. Wipe to dry the storage tray. 

  • To clean Bissell crosswave storage tray, detach the tool from it. 
  • Get a dry and clean tissue or cloth (most preferably) to wipe any residue or water off the tray’s surface. 
  • Set aside the storage tray. 

Step #3. Remove the brush roll to dry. 

How to Clean a Bissell Crosswave

  • Prepare the brush roll drying cylinder fit. 
  • Open and remove the brush roll window by pulling it upwards.
  • Remove the exposed brush roll by also pulling it upwards. 
  • Place the brush roll inside the drying cylinder fit to allow water to escape. 
  • Leave the brush roll standing for the next 10 minutes. 
  • Once dry, reattach the brush roll into the frame. 
  • Return and lock the brush roll window back into place. 

Step #4. Remove the tank to clean. 

  • To clean Bissell Crosswave tank, detach it from the vacuum. 
  • Press your thumb onto the release button. 
  • Slide in your four fingers into the handle below the release button. 
  • Push all your fingers together to detach the tank. 
  • Loosen the top of the tank to remove its filter. 
  • Throw all dirt from the filter into the waste bag. 
  • Pour out dirty tank water into the sink.
  • Wash the tank and filter with clear running water. 
  • Thoroughly dry all parts using tissue or cloth. 
  • Return all parts into place. 

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As we have mentioned earlier, the steps on how to clean Bissell Crosswave require a familiarity of the hand to be done successfully. Familiarity, in this case, centers not only on the model’s design but also on its standout qualities.

In that case, we recommend that you read more reviews about the device to know it better. But, this article should cover enough of the immediate information you need to clean Bissell Crosswave. 

What do you think of our steps? Comment down below to let us know. Also, don’t forget to spread this good news. 

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