Why BISSELL Icon Pet Pro 2746A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is Best for you floor [June. 2023]

Bissell is at it again! Introducing: the latest Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A! Tagged by many as a vacuum at its finest performance, this technology is fast, efficient, and pet-oriented. How good is it really when it comes to pet mess management? Stick around to find out!

Vacuums have surely been saturating the industry nowadays. But no vacuum model graces the industry like the Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A!

Some say that this model is yet underrated, and that it deserves to be promoted even more. But how much attention does it really deserve? 

To answer that question, we tested the product ourselves. 

Today, we will share to you right in this article our ultimate say about this latest Bissell technology. 

Yes – it is fast, efficient, and pet-oriented. Yet, there’s more information about this model only this review can reveal.

In totality, if you savor this review to its tip, you can finally decide, on your own, if it’s really worth it!

So, let’s begin!

Why BISSELL Icon Pet Pro 2746A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is Best for you floor

Why Should I Pick the Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A

Well, to be honest about it, you should pick the Bissell vacuum pet because it’s a limited edition. 

More importantly, this item will definitely make you crave its top-notch versatility and efficiency. 

It’s the grandest product available. Yes- we know that. But mind you: it’s the only one of its kind. A number of pet pro vacuums have been popping up to this day, but none can truly mar its efficiency. 

Here are other benefits this item offers: 

  1. It can sustain cleaning with zero interruptions. 
  2. It can do an instant clean and drop session. 
  3. It requires the least maintenance effort. 
  4. It down-times cleaning, maintenance and assembly. 
  5. It speeds up vacuuming time. 
  6. It requires little space for storage. 
  7. It can clean with pets and kids running around. 
  8. It has a lot of cleaning options suited for diverse cleaning needs/situations. 
  9. It allows you to clean several areas with the least effort. 
  10. It automatically de-tangles pet hair through its power brush. 
  11. It can suction a good load of debris.

Convinced yet? Wait- there’s more.

BISSELL Icon Pet Pro 2746A: The Only Product Review Your Need!

For one thing: the Bissell icon Pet Pro 2746A is lean and mean! A certified product for pets, its every purchase makes one less of a homeless pet. In and of itself: it’s a versatile and efficient show-stopper!

Here’s a fact: it’s not the grandest tool present. And, it’s for the best. Why? Because if it were, it would lose that certain “responsiveness” its program is known for. 

Bissell, 2746A ICONpet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Titanium and Black with Copper Harbor and Pearl White Accents

Its raw responsiveness, in contrast with a grand automated program, makes it the intelligent pet pro icon! Again, that’s a straight fact. 

We did try to fix our eyes on its LED controls. However, it turned out to be smarter than that. In fact, it proves better with its manuals on. Its seal allergen technology, for instance, follows a manual pattern, much like its pet accessories. 

Apparently, it’s “manual-ness” is what makes the Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A a perfect icon. 

From where its manual-ness takes shape, its convenience emerges as well. Requiring the least handling energy and effort from your end, this model does dramatic cleaning almost all by itself. 

In addition to that, it spontaneously cleans while pets are running around. You’ve seen the benefits it offers. All these imply two major pluses it uniquely embodies: versatility and efficiency. 

How versatile? Well, we’re talking motorized turbo brush, mess-free first tank, and tangle-free brush roll: that’s how. 

In terms of efficiency, it guarantees high-powered suction, motor performance, and filtrering capacity! 

We even tried operating it with half a battery power. Nothing changed. 

We twisted and turned it, switching across various accessories. Still, it played out smoothly. In case you didn’t know: it weighs only 7 pounds. 

It’s groomed to be the most responsive Bissell model for pets ever. It’s manual handles say it all. Moreover, Bissell, its brand, dedicates each purchase of the product to homeless pet proceeds. 

A pet-oriented tool in the flesh!

Like all vacuum models, it’s got its downs too. But, here’s where we learn more about the product:

  1. Believe or not – but, it only actually accommodates pet hair, not human hair! 

Solution: Try doing it with the crevice tool. 

  1. Sad news: It’s not great on rugs and carpets. 

Solution: You can still use it however, but with the aid of a separate carpet cleaning tool. 

  1. It takes time to charge. 

Solution: Once its LED indicator for battery turns on, charge it immediately. Don’t delay. 

So you’ve seen the other side of this Bissell wonder, it’s time to review its pros and cons in summary.


  • Powered-Up Digital Motor
  • Efficient Dirt Tank
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll
  • Sufficient Accessories & Extension Tools
  • High-Suction & High-Powered Performance
  • Super-light Package
  • Battery-Powered Source for those who prefer cordless action
  • Technology Designed for Pets


  • May have difficulty suctioning human hair
  • Not great for rugs and carpets
  • Takes time to charge
  • A bit manual 

Verdict: The Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A Cordless is truly fast, efficient, and pet-oriented. You can also add in its versatility. But how worthy is it really? From the looks of it: it’s totally worth it!

More questions about the product? Read the FAQs below. 


  1. Is the Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A Cordless a sophisticated vacuum, or just another failure? 

The Bissell icon pet pro 2746A is truly a sophisticated vacuum, because it satisfies diverse cleaning needs. 

  1. Can I use the vacuum while it’s attached to the wall?

No, you can’t. If it’s attached, then it’s charging. It cannot operate while being charged. 

Finally, we’ve come to our conclusion!

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Pet-oriented. Advanced. Efficient. Super-light, albeit manual still. These are just a few of what warrant the Bissell Icon Pet Pro 2746A of your attention. 

You’ve got all the honest points to weigh in. Your decision: is it worthy of your attention? 

For us, it is! Besides being a Bissell masterpiece, it provides a home to one homeless pet at each purchase. 

What do you think?