Samsung Jet 75 vs. Dyson V10 Which One is Better Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners [June. 2021]

The battle is on: who’s going to make it in the Samsung Jet 75 vs. Dyson V10 showdown? Samsung Jet 75 confidently holds its current title of being the leading ergonomic choice! But Dyson V10 refuses to give in with its 90% accurate dust and debris vacuuming style. Stick around to learn more about these two champs.

Two big-time vacuum models vie for the ultimate position today! But did you know that before Samsung Jet 75 vs. Dyson V10 diverged from each other, they first converged as cordless stick vacuum cleaners. 

Believe it or not: there’s no one single title to place both products. In fact, each deserves its rank as a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. In a way, realization serves as our motivation for reviewing and testing both vacuum cleaners, lest coming up with this review. 

Here’s a straight fact: both are great items. While each may fall back with some downsize here and there, both guarantee great performance when chosen well. At the end of the day, it’s the buyer’s prudence that matters above all. 

If that piece fails to meet your expectations, despite being top in the list, it will still end up disappointing you. 

How can you avoid further disappointments? 

Hear this: set the right expectations and stick to them. 

Now, let’s begin with the expectations surrounding a cordless vacuum cleaner. 

Samsung Jet 75 vs. Dyson V10 Which One is Better Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Strong & Weak Points of the Samsung Jet 75 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

As a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, the Samsung Jet 75 holds all the right reasons for purchase. This tool provides intimate cleaning on bare floors and loose-fiber carpet. Thanks to all these, including its removable battery, it instantly exudes a sense of ergonomic feel. 

If you are the kind of user who prefers uninterrupted cleaning, then you will definitely fall for the Samsung Jet 75! This cordless stick vacuum cleaner works like a mere extension of your arms. That is how its ultra-lightness feels!

This cordless stick vacuum is truly the master of ergonomy!

Are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner with carpets, bare floors, and upholstery in mind? You should seriously consider buying this item. However, if you are still unconvinced, it is perhaps you still have not clearly drawn out your expectations yet. Writing down each of your expectations in a vacuum would help a lot. 

Or, you can simply start getting to know this cordless stick vacuum cleaner by understanding its pros and cons below. 

The product, of course, exhibits a few issues. Some of these include: (1) an easily-scratched plastic dust container, (2) a weak grip for above cleaning, (3) and a tendency to emit a burnt plastic smell. 

You can best deal with issue no. 1 by simply handing it with care. For issue no. 2, you can purchase a hose for it directly from Samsung; for no. 3: have the clog-reducing technology cleaned as it might itself be clogged. This rarely happens, though. 

Here’s its pros and cons:


  • Turbo Power Brush (swivel)
  • Ultra-Light Design
  • 60-Minute Battery Life (Removable)
  • Quick-Charging
  • Complete Combination Tools
  • Bagless
  • High Suction Power
  • Jet Cyclone Performance
  • Guaranteed Stick Cordless Performance
  • Ergonomic Package
  • Clog-Reducing Technology


  • Easily-Scratched Plastic Dust Container
  • Weak Grip for Above Cleaning 
  • Might emit burnt plastic smell
Samsung Jet 75 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner with Removable Long Lasting Battery and 200 Air Watt Suction Power, Complete with 180 Deg Swivel Brush, Titan Silver

Time to get to know an equally amazing cordless stick vacuum cleaner: the Dyson V10!

Strong & Weak Points of the Dyson V10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

As absolute as its weight, this Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaner, gets creative in maintaining its pull of all dirt sizes: from the biggest down to the smallest. Moreover, from where it succeeds, it continues to transcend as a versatile and meticulous cleaning technology!

While it may not be as ergonomic as Samsung, this cordless stick vacuum cleaner improves on its non-motorized functionality with a full-torque capacity, 14 concentric cyclones, intense filter system, 40-minute fade-power cleaning action, a self-cleaning head, soft-cleaning roller (meaning, it’s never gives off the slightest harshness on any surfaces in contact), dirt suction accuracy, and an unbeatable versatility. 

Unlike the Samsung, this cordless stick vacuum cleaner requires prepped floors, low-pile carpets, and a few selected surfaces. It may sound limiting, but trust us: it is for the best!

By non-motorized, we mean to say that it’s impressive Dyson motor is digitally designed. And, that only means one thing: zero overheats, smells and noise. 

If you are the type of cleaner who prefers a meticulous premium cleaning (with pre-cleaning efforts involved) that ensures 0% dirt and debris (in all sizes), you’ll be instantly impressed by this cordless floor vacuum. 

Samsung may have surpassed Dyson with a few advances, but only on an equal tread – in terms of quick battery charging, ergonomy, motorized build, etc. Dyson, on the other hand, beats Samsung in terms of versatility, cyclonic concentration, suction accuracy, high filtration, and a digital motor functionality. 

In the standards set for any cordless stick vacuum cleaner, Dyson surely exceeds with its stick-to-handheld quick transformation, improving from Samsung Jet 75’s dilemma with above-floor cleaning. 

This cordless stick vacuum is no glory at all times, though. The issues we encountered with the product include: (1) propensity to take 3-4 hours of charging time, (2) likelihood to require high-maintenance, and (3) limited dust and dirt capacity interrupting in the cleaning session. 

To best address issue no. 1, one must charge the vacuum a few hours before use; to address issue no. 2: one must always check the vacuum for clogs after use, including other causes for troubleshooting; for issue no. 3: one must make it a habit to empty them after cleaning.

Here’s its pros and cons:


  • 14 Cyclonic Concentrations
  • Lightweight and Versatile
  • Intense Filter System 
  • Bagless
  • Full Torque with Head Cleaner
  • Zero Overheats, Smells, & Noise
  • Digital Motor (Dyson V10 standard)
  • Complete Combination Tools
  • 40-Minute Fade-Power Soft Roller Running 
  • Accurate Suctioning


  • Long Charging Time
  • High Maintenance
  • Limited Dust & DIrt Capacity
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Those were our two amazing cordless stick vacuum cleaners featured. 

Time to answer some blowing questions before proceeding to our verdict. 


  1. Which cordless stick vacuum cleaner works better with pets?

Samsung  is slightly better than Dyson when it comes to tackling pet hair and other messes. Its edge: quality of combination tools. 

  1. Which is better for cleaning cars and stairs (above floor areas)?

Dyson proves slightly better than Samsung when it comes to cleaning these areas. Both are great at tackling the said situation, though.

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Final Verdict

As we mentioned earlier, no cordless stick vacuum cleaner is greater than the other. In fact, both the Samsung Jet 75 and Dyson 10 each deserve their own recognition. 

Both packages exhibit differences; but they all achieve one goal: efficient cleaning.

The main arbiter in this grand face-off: your expectations. 

If you expect a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that provides accurate but high-maintenance cleaning, you are bound to pick Dyson. However, if your expectations surround concerns on effortless, but not-so accurate cleaning, you should pick Samsung.

And, that’s about it. 

Best of luck!