How to Clean Dyson Vacuum in Best Way [Apr. 2023]

Owning a Dyson vacuum is really awesome. Independent, cord-free, and highly functional, a Dyson vacuum really changes lives big-time. Busy users/homeowners all over the world have said it: the vacuum brand is amazing whether you are using or cleaning it. In this article, we’ll won’t only find out if the vacuum is as good as they say it is, but together, we’ll also learn how to clean it the right way. 

The methods on how to clean Dyson vacuum involve 3 specific actions each with corresponding steps. We researched these methods from Dyson’s actual site. Then, we consolidated these with user reviews and recommendations from other sites. Finally, we referred the actions to Dyson experts to determine if these are applicable to all Dyson vacuum models. 

Simultaneously, by testing the methods, we determined that they’re applicable to all models within the D6 series. However, methods 1 and 2 are also found to work effectively on the rest of the Dyson series models. 

The methods that you’ll learn in this article are basic but super-effective solutions for cleaning and even troubleshooting a Dyson vacuum. Meanwhile, if you read this article to the finish, you’ll definitely get more than you bargained for. 

Can you hear that hum? Why, it’s time to give your favorite Dyson vacuum some quick cleaning. You bet it it’s gonna be effortless! 

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How to Clean Dyson Vacuum

How Do I Clean Dyson Vacuum?

There are three ways or methods to cleaning a Dyson vacuum. Each method applies to specific needs. Sometimes, one does the methods altogether if the situation deems it. If you plan to do all 3 methods in one cleaning session, then you’ll have to observe their order: 

The methods are as follows (in order):

  1. Emptying & Cleaning the Dustbin. 
  2. Cleaning the Filter 
  3. Washing the Brush Bar/Beater Bar

Cleaning a Dyson vacuum would definitely be messy if you don’t prepare some necessary materials. 

Note: The Dyson vacuum attachments aid in the cleaning. The tools that are listed here are not found in the vacuum. Thus, they are to be purchased separately. 

The materials are as follows:

  1. Waste bag/ Garbage Bag
  2. Clean cloth
  3. Paper towel
  4. Brush sweeper (in case brush combinations aren’t available in the vacuum)
  5. Coin/solid plastic card/screwdriver

With these materials and tools on hand, we’re ready to proceed with the methods. 

Top 3 Methods on How to Clean Dyson Vacuum

Here are the methods on how to clean Dyson vacuum: 

Method # 1. Emptying & Cleaning the Dustbin

  1. Find the red button and press it. 
  • Hold out the vacuum bin over a garbage bag before pressing the red button. 
  • Press the button to release the dust and other particles into the garbage bag. 
  • Waggle the bin to pour out remaining debris. 
  1. Release the bin. 
  • Press the button again to release the bin. 
  • Once released, you’ll have to loosen it out from the vacuum’s upholstery end by turning it clockwise-counter. 
  • Waggle it again to remove the inner debris.
  1. Clean the bin. 
  • Wet a clean cloth. 
  • Wipe the inside of the bin with the now-wet cloth. 
  • Do not use soap or detergents. 
  1. Leave the bin to dry. 
  • Wipe the bin with a paper towel to dry. 
  • Lay it on top of a table with a placed paper towel. 
  • While waiting for the bin to dry, start dealing with the cyclone part. 
  1. Dust off the vacuum. 
  • Check into the area that links the bin with the vacuum for remaining dust particles. 
  • Look for a brush (preferably the available attachment in the vacuum).
  • Use the brush to sweep out the dust. 
  • Just make sure that the brush does not have extremely hard bristles.
  1. Reattach the bin.
  • Check the bin if it’s completely dry before finally attaching it to the cyclone. 
  • Locate the slit in the bin. On the other hand, locate also the protruding point in the front of the cyclone. 
  • Align them. Push them together to fit. 
  • Once you hear the click, it means you have fully locked and reattached them together. 

Method #2. Cleaning the Dyson Filter

  1. Locate the placement of the filter to remove it. 
  • Focus on the area above the cyclone where the dustbin is attached. 
  • Look for a lid (usually colored blue, purple or green). 
  • In the center of the lid you’ll see a stick-out tag. 
  • Pull the tag to release the filter. 
  1. Loosen the vacuum cap. 
  • If you see one more cap (a bigger one) at the tip part of the vacuum, loosen it to release a bigger filter. Note that some models don’t have this. However, if your Dyson unit has this, you’ll have to open this too. You won’t be able to complete the tips on how to clean Dyson vacuum without dealing with this filter. 
  • If you see the cap, turn it to the right to loosen. 
  • Refer to the user manual in case you find it difficult to loosen. 
  1. Wash the Dyson filters thoroughly. 
  • Wash the filter thoroughly with cold water. 
  • As you are doing it, compress the filter tightly, squeezing out dust.dirt along the water. 
  • Don’t use soap/detergents. 

Note: If you’re to deal with a cap filter, just have it dipped into clean water repeatedly for 3 minutes or whenever the dirt is loosened up. 

  1. Leave the filter to dry. 
  • Look for a dry and ventilated area in your place. 
  • Cover the area with a paper towel.
  • Place the filter on top of the paper towel. 
  • Leave it to dry for 24 hours. 
  1. Replace or return the filter. 
  • Once dried, drop the filter back into the cyclone. 
  • Return the caps in place. 
  • Tighten the caps. 

Note: If the filter proves too dirty to clean, have it replaced with a new one. 

Method #3. Washing the Brush Bar/Beater Bar. 

  1. Turn the vacuum head slot to unlock. 
  • Look for the slot located somewhere in the side of the plastic (fastener) covering and holding the beater bar in. 
  • Use a coin/solid card/screwdriver to turn the slot. 
  • Turn the slot to the left. 
  • Once you hear a click, the beater bar is ready to be detached. 
  1. Remove the beater bar by pulling. 
  • Hold the plastic fastener with one hand and the tip of the bar with the other. 
  • With the plastic kept in place, slowly pull the bar out. 
  • Run your fingers across the bulk of the bar to catch trapped har and dust. 
  • Shake the bar briefly to rid off dust. 
  • Reach out for the thinner beater bar (in case your unit has one). Clean it too. 
  1. Clear out trapped hair/dirt/dust off the vacuum head. 
  • Check inside the vacuum head. 
  • If you see trapped hair and dust, remove them entirely as. 
  • Use a screwdriver or any thin and long objects that can pull out the clumps inside. 
  • Make sure to clear out the space inside the vacuum head 100% before proceeding to the next step. 
  1. Wash the beater bar thoroughly. 
  • Wash the bar thoroughly with cold water for 5 minutes.
  • Stroke the bear surface with your fingers to help remove dust. 
  1. Leave to dry. 
  • Wipe the bar with a clean, dry cloth. 
  • Repeat the rest of processes involving the other previous parts. 
  1. Return them in place. 
  • Fasten the bar back into the plastic. 
  • Wait until you hear a click to know that they’re locked in. 
  • Turn the slot right-ward to lock. 

There you go. Read down below to hear our conclusion. 

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The methods on how to clean Dyson vacuum include: (1) emptying the dustbin, (2) cleaning the filter, and (3) washing the beater bar. These top 3 methods emerge as the most common methods Dyson vacuum owners deal with on a regular basis. 

But can we treat these methods also as Dyson vacuum repair solutions?

Yes. By all means, we are to consider these actions as troubleshooting/repair per se, because most problems confronting Dyson vacuums, or most vacuums in that case, have had to with the buildup of dirt, trapped hair, and other debris in the vacuum.

So the next time you’re encountering functionality problems with your Dyson vacuum (at least, the not-so-serious problems), you should remedy them with our simple methods on how to clean Dyson vacuum!

There you go!

how to clean Dyson vacuum