How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool in Best Way [May. 2023]

Whether you’ve just come to terms with the act of vacuuming above ground pool, or you’ve been doing it many times before, you are still bound to relate it to today’s needs and contexts. It proves crucial for securing its success. For one, the tools of yesterday work differently from the technology of today. The above-ground pool contributes much to these changes too. 

Learning the proper steps on how to vacuum above ground pool not only secure a successful cleaning session, but also a safe one. Without proper handling, you could just end up worsening the conditions. Eventually, the steps should illustrate to you a closer picture of how it feels to vacuum above ground pool. 

As far as our experience tells us: it is not a one-touch move. Some instances even require that you repeat the process several times to ensure that the above-ground pool is cleaned well. Failing to do it means more dirt is still expected to fall into the surface of the water and propagate algae in the long run. 

Yes— there are a lot of considerations when cleaning the area like needed materials, cleaning solutions, type of vacuum to use, etc. And, that’s exactly why this article exists!

The summer heat’s about to start. Let’s get on with it!

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool

How Do I Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

You can safely and successfully vacuum above ground pool if you follow these 5 easy steps: (1) clearing out the pool, (2) readying the vacuum, (3) laying the vacuum head down into the pool, (4) vacuuming, and (5) finishing. 

It would be impossible to do it without the necessary tools and materials

These include the following: 

If it’s your first time doing it and you currently don’t have a single idea on which brand to choose from, read the chapter below for a super-exciting review. 

What are Great Pool Vacuums I Can Use?

Based on our research, these top 3 brands reign as the best choices today. 

PAXCESS Upgraded Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The winner PAXCESS Upgraded brand, although recent, impresses as the fastest and most convenient pool vacuum to handle among the three. Made to resist high pressure and varied pool quality, the product sure comes in handy for a lot of reasons. 

Poolmaster 28300 Vacuum

This Poolmaster swimming pool vacuum brand is an equal champ. Boasting with a reusable leaf bag, a large vacuum diameter for extensive suctioning, and a lot more updated features, there’s nothing that this vacuum can’t do when dealing with pools. 

AIPER SMART Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

Forgive us for the redundancy: but, this technology is as smart as its name. Convenient, durable, rechargeable, and light, this should be the best vacuum to use when you’re in a hurry!

There you go!

Now, it’s time to get a glimpse of the simple steps!

Instant Steps on How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool

Here are the steps on how to vacuum above ground pool:

Step #1. Clear out the pool. 

  • Prepare the large dipper or pool skimmer. 
  • Check for large leaves, dirt, and other floating debris. 
  • Remove all dirt using the skimmer to clear out the water surface. 

Step #2. Ready the vacuum. 

  • With the pool now cleared, ready the vacuum and its parts (assembly). 

Its main parts include:

  • Vacuum hoover
  • Extension wand
  • Hose
  • Attach the tip of the hose to the vacuum hoover. 
  • Fit the other end of the hoover with the extension wand.  

Step #3. Lay the vacuum down the pool. 

  • Bring the vacuum down into the pool. 
  • Once it reaches the bottom, lock its extension wand into place. 
  • Allow the wand to rest on the side of the pool. 
  • Make sure that the water return outlet is at the same level as the extension wand’s tip. 
  • Traffic water into the vacuum hose by attaching the end to the water return outlet. 
  • Continue doing it until no air slips into the vacuum hoover anymore. 

Step #4. Begin vacuuming.

  • Attach the other end of the vacuum hose to the suction port. 
  • Make sure to do it swiftly to avoid air from re-entering the vacuum hoover.
  • Begin vacuuming. 

Note: If your vacuum is not designed for direct interaction with the suction port, just lift the cap to open the above-ground pool skimmer and encourage suction. 

Step #5. Finish and finalize. 

  • Once done, detach all parts. 
  • Retract water through the vacuum hose. 
  • Wash all vacuum parts with clean and cold water. 
  • Leave to dry. 

There you go. Our instant steps on how to vacuum above ground pool. 

Read on to hear our conclusion. 

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With these instant and simple steps on how to vacuum above-ground pool, the act of doing it becomes more fun than laborious. Moreso, it secures you with a safe and successful cleaning result. 

Vacuuming an above-ground pool, using ordinary means, can be difficult, if not impossible. Thus, one has to be informed when doing it. One can’t simply use electric vacuums on pools, for instance. That would be utterly life-threatening. Before anything else, we need a special kind of vacuum for that — a pool vacuum. 

Let’s say you’re having a hard time doing the vacuuming yourself. Then, don’t ever hesitate to seek assistance from an expert. With that, nothing should go wrong. In the meantime, review our 5 simple steps for vacuuming an above-ground pool: (1) clear the pool, (2) ready the vacuum, (3) lay the vacuum down the pool, (4) begin vacuuming, and (5) finish and finalize.

May the force be with you, mate!

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool