The Amazing Cal Elephant Bark Rubber Floor Mat [May. 2023]

Experts claim that a large part of the reason why users encounter problems with floor mats is their incapacity to pick the best rubber floor mat. It’s hard not to believe it. Facts over facts support such a claim. 

Apparently, most consumers in the U.S. alone are surprisingly unwise when it comes to choosing fine, if not superior floor mat quality. Fortunately, this article exists to not only guide our consumers today, but also recommend our hottest and most-recently-reviewed rubber floor mat today!

The factors that make a great rubber floor mat tend to be elusive. Most certainly, the rubber nature of the tool should not guarantee its durability. A lot of other factors in the back-drop are to be considered. Some of these include the formulation, design, shape, or the overall package of the item. You should not simply buy a product simply because it’s made of rubber. 

Investing the layer of qualities that determine a good mat helps big-time in nailing the perfect pick. 

If you’re interested to get to know our highly-recommended model, read this article to the end. 

Here we go…

The Amazing Cal Elephant Bark Rubber Floor Mat

Why Should I Use a Rubber Floor Mat?

You should use a rubber floor mat because of the following reasons:

  1. It’s more durable. 
  2. It does not easily stain. 
  3. It’s easy to clean and maintain. 
  4. It easily matches and fits floor types, sizes, conditions, and texture.
  5. It doesn’t easily fold and crack. 
  6. It accurately protects flooring. 
  7. It resists wear and tear due to impact. 
  8. It provides support and comfort to the feet. 
  9. It’s kid and pet-friendly. 

Convinced yet? Wait till you discover our top brand. Read on…

The Cal Elephant Bark Rubber Floor Mat: An Intimate Review

Here’s our intimate review of the Cal Elephant Bark rubber flooring…

FEATURED PRODUCT: Cal Elephant Bark Rubber Floor Mat

Decent. Awesome. Brilliant. Amazing. These words are not enough to describe our featured product. This top model by the Rubber Cal brand is a royalty when it comes to value, functionality, and comfort!

Perfectly affordable. This item, for the first time in history, features twin benefits. Every time you purchase it, you help lessen the number of unused rubber tires in America! Looking at it from a distanced perspective, that’s an environmentally-driven act you’ve got there. 

This also tells us of its material: pure recycled rubber, and not other chemical presence. 

Now, here is where it gets more interesting. The type of rubber flooring rolls it’s made of is called EPDM rubber. The EPDM rubber is an M-class and slightly-synthetic rubber that is paired with silicone and other materials that when combined, can potentially protect the floor from UV rays. 

Yes– UV rays can damage floors in all nature. Research shows that UV rays drain more than 70% of the floor’s natural color. While not so noticeable on a hard floor, it affects wood floors more dramatically. In short, floors are to be protected from UV rays to be protected. 

Another great thing about this floor mat is that you can use it for both outdoor or indoor placement. 

Other great features of the product will be enumerated below.

In our review, we have encountered drawbacks from the rubber floor mat too. These include: (1) shipping problems (particularly with size), (2) stubborn edges, and a (3) lack of thickness. 

These problems can best be dealt by the following solutions: 

  1. Always verify order conditions, specifics, placement, etc. before confirming ship. 
  2. Use a top-quality double-sided tape to hold the edges in place. 
  3. Add a layer of thinner and cheaper floor mat to add thickness. 


  • Quick Installation
  • Best for Both Indoor & Outdoor Placement
  • Durable/Heavy-Duty
  • High-Protection Capacity
  • Matches All Floor Types
  • Non-Toxic & Recycled Rubber Material
  • Solid & Intact Surface
  • Elephant Bark Flooring Capacity


  • Shipping problems
  • Stubborn edges
  • Lack of thickness

Overall Verdict: The Cal Elephant Bark Rubber Floor Mat succeeds as an ergonomic and eco-friendly mat that protects all floor types with 100% guarantee

Proceed to the section below if you’re planning on choosing your own floor mat brands. 

Best Buying Guide for Rubber Floor Mat

Here’s our best buying guide for rubber floor mat:

Indoor/Outdoor Functionality

A dual functionality (indoor/outdoor) in a rubber mat should help you cost down. Having one product that works on either indoor or outdoor condition also eases the expected maintenance given to two separate mattings. 

If you’re looking to buy one with this property, do not just rely with seller’s claim. Test the product yourself. 

How do you know exactly? 

Well, simple answer: it has to be sealed with a thin rubber laminate to begin with. 

Elephant Bark Quality

Always look out for this specific property as it serves as a protective barrier between the rubber mat and the floor surface. Even a thin product should be able to enhance its protection capacity through the elephant bark plant.

A product marked as “elephant bark” means that it’s layered in with solid protection for both the rubber and the floor. It’s more advantageous for the rubber though as it seals it from contact with sharp objects.


A floor mat is expected to last long; it has to withstand all damaging factors in order for it to prolong the quality of the floor. But durability is certainly not enough. By all means, it has to bear a heavy-duty performance. Meaning, it should be able to stand abuse and constant traffic.

Also, rubber floor mats are designed to resist stains and other factors that require cleaning or replacing the floor mat. Always look for floor mats that are easily cleaned, maintained, or resized. 

You certainly have questions. Don’t forget to check our FAQs below…


  1. Is this product non-toxic?

Yes. The product is certified non-toxic. 

  1. Can the rubber floor mat be used as gym flooring?

Yes, of course. With this mat’s heavy-duty capacity, it can’t sustain anything anywhere. It can even be used in an outdoor gym setting. 

  1. Does the product work on all floor types?

Fortunately, the product works on all floor types.

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The factors that make a great rubber floor mat tend to be elusive. But when you get the Cal Elephant Bark Rubber Floor Mat, everything just falls into place. Suddenly, picking the best floor mat for your place becomes so easy of a task.

There are certainly quite a number of other equally awesome rubber mat brands out there. All you need is to look for these qualities to be able to pick the perfect one for you. These qualities include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Functionality
  • Elephant Bark Quality
  • Heavy-Duty/Durable

Coincidentally, the item in question possesses all of these, including a tone of other features like an easily-installed design, a hard/solid surface, and of course, an elephant bark plant for the main formula. 

In the end, our review of the brand earned it a highly-positive rating!

Enjoy it!