Best Way To Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats – 2023 Guide

Best Way To Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats – Guide

The steps on how to clean rubber car floor mats involve a logical approach. It’s not like not any complex endeavor that leaves you panting in the end. 

All it incurs is removing the rubber mat and spraying it with water via your garden hose.

Unike your typical floor mats, rubber car floor mats react negatively to excessive cleaning. Like any simple covering on a carpeted floor, all it takes is a once-a-year wash. 

And that’s about it!

Our Pick
Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense All Surface Cleaner (Works on Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Carpet &...
Good Choice
Meguiar's Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner - 1 Gallon
Also Consider
Liquid X R.V.P. Spray - Premium Dressing for Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic - Non Greasy (16 oz)
Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense All Surface Cleaner (Works on Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Carpet &...
Meguiar's Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner - 1 Gallon
Liquid X R.V.P. Spray - Premium Dressing for Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic - Non Greasy (16 oz)
Our Pick
Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense All Surface Cleaner (Works on Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Carpet &...
Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense All Surface Cleaner (Works on Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Carpet &...
Good Choice
Meguiar's Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner - 1 Gallon
Meguiar's Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner - 1 Gallon
Also Consider
Liquid X R.V.P. Spray - Premium Dressing for Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic - Non Greasy (16 oz)
Liquid X R.V.P. Spray - Premium Dressing for Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic - Non Greasy (16 oz)

Yes — rubber car floor mats can really get dirty. But, that’s kinda the point. The dirtier it is, the better; the dirtier it is, the more the chances that the carpeting underneath is protected. 

If you’re really bugged by the dirt and stains on the mat, you can at least sweep it with a small broom or wipe it with a dry cloth on a weekly, or even a daily basis. You can then include this as one of the two options on how to clean rubber car mats. 

What are we waiting for? Let’s give your rubber floor mat a good showering…

How to Easily Trim Rubber Car Floor Mats

Quick Steps On How To Clean Rubber Car Floor Mats

Preparing the right tools and materials highly determines the success of the steps on how to clean rubber car floor mats. 

Once you begin getting your hands on the floor mat, everything follows spontaneously thereafter. Thus, it really pays to be prepared here and there. 

The tools and materials are as follows:

  • Rubber mat cleaning conditioner
  • Hand brush (soft-bristled)
  • Water hose
  • Small broom
  • Large bucket (approx. 5 gallon-sized)
  • Vacuum with narrow head for nooks and crannies
  • Spray-regulating nozzle for hose

These are all the necessary materials and tools to prepare before cleaning the rubber mat. With all these on hand, you’re ready for some cleaning actions. 

Here are the steps on how to clean rubber car floor mats….

Step# 1. Take Out The Rubber Mat From The Car

  • Take out all rubber mats from the car to reveal the carpeted floor underneath. 
  • Hold each mat and shake off at least 5 times to get rid of the prior dust. 
  • Sweep the rubber mats with a broom.
  • Place the mats on the ground. 
  • Vacuum deep set-in dust from the mats. 
  • Before storing the vacuum away, use it on the care’s carpeted floor. 
  • Go over the entire floor area without missing a spot. 

Step# 2. Wash The Mats With Hose. 

  • Turn on the hose and adjust the strength of its spray nozzle to maximum force. 
  • Point the hose to the mats to spray water on them. 
  • Concentrate the pressure of the spray to the mats’ nooks and crannies to get rid of ingrained stains, dust, dirt, and other obstinate particles. 
  • Continue spraying until you see the dirt breaking away. 
  • Shake off the mats at least 4 times after wash. 

Step# 3. Apply Soap And Brush The Mats. 

How to Deep Clean Rubber Cars Mats in 5 Minutes

  • Pour 5-10 dross of cleaning conditioner on the bucker. 
  • Mix well soap/conditioner with water (reaching an inch full of the bucket)
  • Soak the brush into the mix for 5 minutes to allow the brush to absorb the properties. 
  • Bring out the brush to use it in cleaning the car rubber floor mats. Focus on the gaps because it is in here that dust particles settle. 
  • Repeat the brushing if necessary. 

Step# 4. Allow Mats To Dry. 

  • After brushing for 5 minutes, spray again with water to see if dust/dirt has dissolved. 
  • Brush again if some stains remain.
  • Once done, do a final spray to wash away all remaining particles. 
  • Shake off the mats one last time.
  • Hang the mats under the sun to dry. Make sure it’s underside also dries. 
  • Lay the mats back to the car floor when dry (ideally after 5-6 hours of uninterrupted contact with the sun). It is important not to take too much time in drying as it allows the mats to once again absorb dust. 

Alas, there goes our quick, yet essential steps on how to clean rubber car flooring. But cleaning the mats wouldn’t be possible without the cleaning conditioner/soap!

Here are our 5 best products to choose from…

3 Best Conditioners/Soaps For Cleaning The Rubber Car Floor Mats

While most people tend to use homemade cleaning solutions over commercial ones, some actually prefer the latter. 

Why? That is simply because it’s ready-made, and one doesn’t have to take much time and effort in preparing the solution. 

The main issues on using commercial cleaning conditioners deem polarized. One trouble involves an extremely harsh solution, while another one, a lackluster formula.

The takeaway: choosing the best product.

Lucky for you, we have reviewed 3 top-quality mat cleaning products you should buy today:

1. Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense 

Chemical Guys SPI_993_16 Nonsense

If we are to understand this product in a nutshell, we’d get an all-around and safe cleaner. 

Undoubtedly, the Chemical Guys Nonsense is no-nonsense at all! 

With just a few sprays of this cleaning product, you can already wipe away the toughest grimes from the rubber car floor mats’ grooves. 

Unfortunately, it is, at times, too good to be true when it comes to its concentration. And yeah, it can be too harsh to the point that it causes the mats’ exterior color to fade. 

But you see, as indicated in its usage instruction, all it needs to address this issue is a quick dilution with water. 

So make it a habit to always pair it with water (whatever the consequences). You can spray on a cloth dipped in water or mix the solution with water per se. With this secured, you’re sure to remove those stains with just 1 or 2 wipes. 

  • Colorless & Odorless
  • Quick-acting formula
  • Low-foam
  • Transparent cleaning action
  • Spray design
  • All-around use (leather, rubber, plastic, vinyl, cement, wood, etc.)
  • High concentration
  • Can be too harsh on rubber (requires dilution)
  • Sprayer easily loosens
  • Leaves a wash-out mark on grey or black surfaces


2. Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner (1 Gallon)

Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner_Conditioner (1 Gallon)

This cleaning conditioner is both an effective cleaner and shield for UV rays. Experts add that its organic coating keeps pollutants from seeping deep into the rubber’s surface. 

Meaning, it significantly helps in lowering the concentration of the dirt on the rubber car floor mat’s interior. 

Moreover, the Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber cleaner has a special repair property that brings back the natural shine of the vinyl, rubber, or even plastic material. 

Apart from potentially leaving a white residue on the surface (when not rinsed immediately) and causing eye and skin irritation, the product poses no other threats.

  • Quick spray and rinse action (no need for brushing)
  • UV ray protection
  • Complex repair and restore formula 
  • High concentration
  • Damage protection
  • Best on vinyl, plastic, and rubber
  • Leaves white residues
  • Can get excessively foamy
  • Requires manual container transfer
  • May cause eye and skin irritation


3. Liquid X R.V.P. Spray

Liquid X R.V.P. Spray

If there’s one thing that makes the Liquid X Spray stand out from the rest, that would be its proven and tested non-sling formula. 

What’s great about this formula is that it allows the cleaner to dissolve, stay, and remain coated on the rubber car floor mat surface for a long period of time over several washes, UV ray presence, and many more. 

Other features of the product include a restore and renew capacity, UV and damage shield, a non-greasy feel, and a longer-lasting effect. 

On the contrary, the product causes some skin irritations, leaves residues, and forms heavy foaming. To address that, one needs to mix it with water. 

  • No-Sling Formula
  • Renew & Restore Capacity
  • Longer Lasting Effect
  • UV and Damage Shield
  • Non-greasy feel
  • May cause skin & eye irritation
  • Leaves residues
  • Heavy foams
  • Lacks transparency
  • Not for wooden surfaces


Congratulations! You’ve reached this far. You are now more learned in the rubber car mats cleaning business than anyone else in the internet world. 

Read on to learn what to avoid and remember when maintaining and cleaning the rubber car floor mats…

Important Things To Remember And Avoid When Maintaining And Cleaning The Rubber Car Floor Mats

How to Deep Clean Rubber Cars Mats

Cleaning the rubber car floor mats may seem mundane and basic from a view. But it can also be complex if you miss some important points.

The points (to remember and avoid) are as follows:

What to remember:

  • Make sure to clean your car by vacuuming before returning the rubber car floor mats to place.
  • Clean the mats only once a year. But, you can regularly maintain it by casual sweeping. The pressures of excessive washing and the harshness of cleaning solutions eventually depreciate the mat’s ability to absorb dust. 
  • Shaking off the mats before spraying is essential for exposing settled particles. 

What to avoid:

  • Harsh/acidic/acetone-based chemicals
  • Longer (more than 8 hours) outdoor exposure
  • Hard-bristle brush


The rubber car floor mats play a crucial role in diminishing dust concentration in your car by absorbing all external particles. Understandably, car floor mats can get really messy. 

But, that’s not a thing to worry about because these types of floor mats are designed to hold dirt for as long as possible. Needless to say, regular washing is unnecessary and even counter-productive to the mats as it can wear them out in the long run. 

It’s important to note at this point that there are two types of rubber car floor mat maintenance and cleaning: the regular sweeps and the yearly washing. 

The steps we discussed earlier fall to the yearly washing. 

Apparently however, other people insist on cleaning the mats several times a year. But remember that these are merely washing without soaps. Also, they don’t overdo with the brushing. 

And, there you go! Wishing you long-lasting rubber car floor mats…