The Best Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Car [May. 2023]

A car floor has to go through so much every single day. You step on it all the time. And, whether you’ve laid carpet on it or not, there’s no guarantee that your car floor is going to last. That’s why the heavy-duty rubber floor mats for cars exist. Today, we’ll review a potential top-biller in that category!

The product brand we’ll be reviewing in this article possesses a one-of-a-kind thickness and durability. Having gone through all our immense testing procedures, these rubber floor mats for cars now earn our highest respects. Thus, we recommend it to all car owners. 

Among the several reasons that catapult this brand package to fame is its semi-custom-fit design. So while it does not fit all car floor dimensions, it allows intense adjustments and resizing. This should list our product as a highly versatile option. 

Of course, we won’t randomly be picking any car floor mats without researching from the most highly recommended list. As expected, this item topped the list. Now, we conducted the review to confirm the experts’ recommendations. 

Were we able to confirm it? Yes, of course. 

But how great is great? 

Read on to find it…

Price Range of the Car Floor Mats:

The car floor mats would usually vary between $29.99 and $49.99 in price.

Why Should I Pick these Rubber Floor Mats for Cars?

Firstly, the product is called FlexTough Baseline by the Motor Trend Store! The reputation (years of excellence) of the brand alone holds the big “why” for picking it over the rest. 

Secondly, this item has all the right properties for prolonging your car floor life. 

Let’s take a look into those properties:

  1. Easy to place and adjust
  2. Absorbs dust and dirt
  3. Doesn’t smell
  4. Eco-friendly material
  5. Advanced material
  6. Durable material
  7. Thick but light
  8. Holds firmly on place
  9. Fits most car/vehicle floor dimensions
  10. Provides 100% protection
Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Car

Apart from these properties, it continues to surprise owners with highly-responsive features. Get ready because we’re about to get into the sizzle: the most-awaited review of the heavy-duty rubber car floor mats

FlexTough Baseline Rubber Floor Mats for Cars: Best Review

Here’s our best review of the FlexTough Baseline car floor mats….

Motor Trend FlexTough Rubber Car Floor Mats

Neat, sufficient, and generally favorable for all car floors, this floor mats package by the Motor Trend Store is the one-fit-all car floor protection we’re all looking for!

Perhaps the best way to introduce this package is to start with its all-weather technology. When we say all weather, do not only refer to its literal sense; we’re also talking about an inclusive array of conditions, physical expectations, and other temporal factors. 

With its BPA free material rubber quality, the mats remain intact even in contact with harmful minerals, chemicals, debris, etc. This property reinforces the package’s all-weather stability. In addition, the rubber material lasts as an environmental-friendly protectant. Having said that, it would be safe to assume that the mats can last for years uncleaned.

Maintaining them turns out to be easy. From first-hand experience, we were able to determine that the rubber mats are sizable. Thanks to its semi-custom-fit design, users can easily size up and adjust these to fit a wide selection of car/vehicle floors. Another factor that makes this possible is the item’s expansive dimensions: 28″ L x 19″ W, Liner: 17.5″ L x 56″ W. 

Another great plus from the model in question is its tight and non-slip backing. Meaning, it does not move about when being stepped into. This should work most usefully especially on high-traffic areas such as the floor of a car. Ordinary mats, on the other hand, slip back and forth with movement and traffic over time. That would only mean that you have to repeatedly adjust the mats back into place each time. 

To sum it all up, the FlexTough Baseline Rubber Floor Mats for Cars are unmistakably durable, thick, and resistant. But what’s most amazing about them is that you can easily carry and transfer them without being weighed down. That is, because the BPA free material rubber assumes organic quality that’s straightforwardly light, firm, and sufficient. 

Like most models, this pack of mats has its fair share of problems. These include: (1) tendency to absorb and sustain heat, (2) linings that trap dirt, and (3) too large for some car models. 

These problems can best be addressed briefly by these solutions: 

  • For its tendency to absorb and sustain heat: Avoid leaving your car directly under the sun for a long period of time. In case the rubber gets hot, don’t step on them bare-foot. 
  • For its linings: Use a stronger brush or high-powered vacuum. You can also apply extra-strong cleaning solutions. 
  • For fitting: Match the size of the mats to the model car floor size. 


  • Durable, Thick, & Fit
  • Stable Backing & Contours
  • Non-Slip Quality
  • Eco-Friendly Rubber Material
  • Responsive Features
  • Practical Material/Versatile Functionality
  • Odorless Rubber Material
  • Highly-Protective Quality


  • Tendency to absorb and sustain heat
  • Tendency for linings to trap dirt
  • Might not fit all vehicle floor sizes; requires readjusting

Verdict: So how great is great? For the standards expected of floor mats, these rubber floor mats for cars are exceptionally great. While they’re certainly not perfect, they sufficiently deliver.

Would you like to venture with other brands? No worries – just remember our buying guide and you’re sure to be able to pick the best one for you. 

2023 Rubber Floor Mats for Cars Buying Guide

Here’s the buying guide for rubber floor mats for cars…

All-Weather Quality

This particular property on car floor mats is crucial for giving it a universal fit and expansive all-condition resistance. 

Be mindful of the trick though: “not all thick and well-shaped mats possess an all-weather quality. You will have to base it on the material of the rubber. 

The shape should also equally help you decide on its all-weatherness. Most all-weather mats have softer edges. You can begin by looking into that. 

Contoured Backing 

A contoured backing is one of the major factors you have to consider when choosing a rubber floor mat/s. You see, it’s common for mats to skid in high-traffic situations. It’s worthy to note that most contoured paddings, if not all, almost always do not skid.

Contoured backing also provides a breather for the padding. Thus, this should come out as a priority when securing a sustainable set of mats. 


If the tool isn’t designed as heavy-duty and/or durable, don’t mind buying it. These materials are made exactly for that reason. Constant pressure, dirt, stain, moisture, humidity, and traffic are bound to wear it out over time. 

If you don’t consider this factor, you’ll only end up buying a cheap and fragile item. 

And that’s about it. Read on to have some of your questions addressed…


  1. Can rubber mats get stained? 

Fortunately, rubber mats do not easily get stained. That’s the reason why rubber mats are preferred on car floors. 

  1. Are rubber floor mats generally expensive?

No. Some brands are expensive; others are affordable. However, once you have them resized and custom-fitted, they’ll surely cost you more. 

  1. Do rubber floor mats smell? 

Yes. Rubber floor mats potentially smell depending on their material. Non-toxic rubber floor mats for cars, on the other hand, do not react to chemicals and emit smell. 

Keep scrolling down to hear our conclusion. 

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There is much to say about the FlexTough Baseline Rubber Floor Mats for Cars enough for it to be hailed as our crowned brand for the year 2023. 

The package is known for its features:

  • Durable, Thick, & Fit
  • Stable Backing & Contours
  • Non-Slip Quality
  • Eco-Friendly Rubber Material
  • Responsive Features
  • Practical Material/Versatile Functionality
  • Odorless Rubber Material
  • Highly-Protective Quality

As we had hoped, we did confirm the experts’ claims. The product is indeed great. How great: exceptionally great. Mind you: it’s never perfect. After all, what makes it perfect are our responses and the solutions we use to counter its weaknesses.

Best of luck on your purchase.