About Us

We are a group of smart floor care and cleaning experts who are dedicated to providing information about issues. We focus on:-

  • Safe Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Care & Maintenance of Wood floor
  • Wood floor Decor & Beautification

smart floor care is a site that is pledged to helping owners care for floors at home, school, office, and other public sites. Its services embrace a wide range of flooring types –  hardwood, laminate, ceramic, marble, porcelain, natural stone, linoleum, etc. Our company acknowledges the importance of floors and the need for maintaining them. Our team provides services like floor clean tips, floor care tips, floor care products, floor support, and a lot more. Our products, relating all to floor maintenance, include carpets, rugs, rug pad, furniture, furniture pads, waxes, floor cleaning solutions, vacuums, carpet cleaners, and many more. Our company stands out from the rest because of its responsive team, well-researched information, trusted product reviews, and a genuine community of support. 

Investing in an excellent protective polyurethane finish will spare you the expense of repairing the agony of reinstalling the entire floor or buckled or warped hardwood flooring. In this pool of knowledge, you will find the very best products and guides on how to install them. Cleaning of a hardwood floor is one maintenance practice that destroys or can conserve your investment.

What We Do Here?

The web industry has blown up so much that there’s too much available information around. But the big question is: how much of this information is really useful? And, that’s where we lead exactly: providing you useful information and support. Our team of experienced writers, researchers, floor experts, and even manufacturers go hand-in-hand in providing you trusted product reviews and recommendations, floor care tips, floor repair solutions, and even links to home services near you. We also have in our team a list of experienced interior decorators and home decor masters to talk to you directly via email. At smart floor care we care about your time, money and effort. So why waste them at other sites?

How Do We Do This?

Driven by our vision to provide 100% useful and practical information, we organize our company into three networks: [1] the writers and researchers, [2] the resources, and [3] the action team. 

First, we empower a pool of well-compensated researchers and writers to gather information round-the-clock and communicate directly with companies and manufacturers via email. Second, we engage with a network of floor experts, engineers, decorators, and actual customers of particular products. To resist bias, we make sure that these customers are background-checked for affiliations with existing companies and brands. Our final team is the action team. This team consists of representatives for home service agencies across the country. If you need a directed call for home service (cleaning, maintenance, and repair) our action team will handle that for you. 

(Domain name) also partners with trusted sites but mostly are affiliate sites. And since we are committed to providing you useful information, support and service, we design our system with an information processor that reports assessments and confirms contents that are actually paid reviews.

What Products Do We Choose

Most of the time, we at smart floor care will refer to a library of quality-tested products. But to be double-sure about them, we triangulate information with unbiased customers, treating them as professional resources. We also make sure that our engagement with brands dwell on an informational level, not promotional. Exploring our site, you will be overwhelmed by a number of products from a number of brands. We do not stick to one. But, we make sure to bring out the number one. All-in-all, we choose to recommend products that are ranked by our own networks of writers, resources, and even the action team. 

Our Mission

smart floor care envisions comfortable abodes through long-lasting flooring. In order to do that, we empower homeowners with useful information and services. We also seek to professionalize a community of experts on floor care to not only make floor care information available to everyone, but also provide opportunities for everyone to earn from it. 

Our Ethics

Besides not favoring paid promotions, we put the effort to triangulate editorial content, first-hand anecdotes, raw impressions and suggestions within our networks to truly dig out the most useful of the information. We respect our community of seekers and providers, and we aim to look beyond profit to obtain long-term benefits for all. Moreover, we at the smart floor care are only dedicated to promoting eco-friendly products since we are an avid supporter of mother nature. 

Meet Our Team

Janet Marie Gagnon-Tier

The ever vibrant Janet founded the smart floor care way back in 2018. Having completed a degree in Architecture and Interior Decoration in Paris, France, she collected numerous accolades through the years. Before she founded (domain name) she used to design homes in many parts of France, U.S.A., Australia, and even some parts of the Asia-Pacific. Her themes range from the regal to the most updated – Mid-Century, Bohemian, Contemporary, etc. Considered to be one of the most sought-after home designers in the 21st century, Janet made it her passion to help smaller seekers like homeowners at an affordable rate. Today, with the ongoing pandemic, besides running her company, Janet handles courses for decorators via Zoom. 

Bruce Leimann

A writer himself, Bruce manages our team of writers and researchers. He coordinates with the head of resources and the action team. He was a prolific journalist in his time; researching is truly his cup of tea. Before joining the smart floor care, he used to write for several award-winning news sites, magazines, etc. Now that he’s beyond his peak, he plans to fully dedicate his expertise in realizing the company’s mission. 

Mindy Toi

Mindy heads our team of resources. An renowned HR (human resource) specialist in the past 10 years, she couldn’t be more perfect for her role in the company. Coordinating with the head of the writers and action team, she handles email digest, email marketing correspondence, and other inquiries. She is a vital figure for smart floor care as she maintains clientele relations and the like. 

James Diaz

smart floor care

Known as the action man in smart floor care, James always gets things done. As an accomplished engineer, he has always graced through the pressures of mechanical planning. With a quick tongue for naming technical stuff across types, brands, chemical terms, you name it all, he is literally a walking encyclopedia for everything construction and textile-related. Having worked with builders and janitors for years, he can instantly rank the best home service providers in the country. 

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