5 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Decking Flooring Floor Year-Round

The yard is the most beautiful place during the spring and summer, but this place is also beautiful the rest of the year. To keep this epithet, each of us makes sure that everything is neat, that there are plants throughout the year, that the grass is in excellent condition, but also the rest of the elements and settings around the yard. A decking floor is just one of the things that people often place in their backyard for aesthetic purposes, place it around a barbecue corner, or simply place it around their backyard pool.

This part from the perspective of backyard owners is a little difficult to keep in excellent condition, but it is not so. While many of you may think that a decking floor can’t be maintained to keep it looking its best, the decking flooring experts at NeoTimber say it just takes a little better care and a proper routine to follow throughout the year.

Want to keep your backyard decking floor looking great? Need tips on how to do that? We bring you 5 tips that we believe will help you keep your decking floor looking shiny and well-maintained. Let’s get started!

1. Prevent with the power of regular and thorough cleaning

Prevent with the power of regular and thorough cleaning
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Imagine taking care of your home. All it takes is to imagine the blanket as if your home is dirty and messy, because only then will you understand the seriousness. If you do not regularly maintain the hygiene of it, it can cause a disturbance of appearance, damage, and the possible need to replace it with a new deck. So keep the following in mind.

  1. In the spring, start with a thorough cleaning and varnishing of the wooden deck – as the winter frost melts away, give your deck a thorough cleaning, because that’s the only way to remove all the dirt. Remove all leaves, then clean the deck with a damp cloth and wood cleaner and allow to dry. If necessary, it would be good to varnish it to restore its lost shine, choosing a quality varnish for wooden surfaces.
  1. It is important to choose the right cleaner for the wood and a soft cloth – all you need for this spring cleaning action for your deck is a suitable cleaner and a soft cloth. And then? Then just rub thoroughly and slowly to get all the dirt off and let the surface dry. If the temperatures are still low, you can also try to dry the surface with a dry cloth.
  1. Notice fungi on the deck? Remove them! – if during the winter the blanket has fungi on it (which is a normal process that happens when there is perfect moisture), you only need to leave them, without damaging the blanket. Then just run a little polish on the same spot and you’ll be fine.

2. Let the deck breathe no matter what time of year

Let the deck breathe no matter what time of year

In order to maintain the beautiful and fine appearance of your wooden surface in the yard, it is necessary to take care to reduce the moisture. Our suggestion is to clean and dry it regularly during the warmer months. In the moments when the weather is wet, spend it regularly with a dry towel, with which you will collect and remove the water. And during the fall and winter?

It is good to cover it nicely, but also to reveal it regularly. Are you wondering why? Because the wooden surfaces need to get fresh air so that there is no mold or mildew – the two most unpleasant moments that you have to prevent in a timely manner.

3. Trim the grass around regularly as it can bring new residents around your deck

The grass around the deck must also be a focus for you. If the wooden surface is located near a lawn, the chances of the grass spreading to the wooden surface are high. If grass and plants spread towards the deck, it can bring new inhabitants around or under it, putting the wooden surface already at risk of damage. So take care of this part regularly so that unwanted and sudden damage does not occur, after which you will be forced to invest in a new wooden surface and replace the existing one.

4. Prepare the surface before the cold temperatures begin

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As we have already discussed above, this surface must be well-protected before winter begins. What to do? We walk with a few short steps.

  1. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning… – to maintain the appearance and not wait for a destroyed deck that has absorbed the dust and dirt, it is best to clean it with the routine that we suggested above.
  1. Dry the wooden surface well – to prevent the creation of moisture and the destruction of the wood, it is of great importance to ensure that the deck is dry and clean before the beginning of winter.
  1. Cover it properly – we suggest initially covering it with a textile material that can absorb any potential watery liquid that may appear, then you can place a tarp that you tie nicely to the deck to keep water out. Of course, do not forget to uncover it occasionally so that the wooden surface can breathe and collect potentially generated water from condensation.

5. Be sure to check the health of the tree

After the winter period, it is advisable to check the condition of the tree. It can help you determine when the deck is due for replacement. However, wooden decks can last up to 5 seasons if you really take care of them, and if the need for replacement comes, it is important to get a professional team to replace it with a new quality wooden decking in your yard.

By following these 5 tips and with regular and thorough care, you can get an unchanged look of the deck in your home on the one hand, but also preserve and maintain the beautiful appearance of your home. So be responsible and enjoy the beauty of your yard.