How to Lay Laminate Flooring [Apr. 2023]

Learning how to lay laminate flooring will definitely fend off future troubles at bay. Some of these troubles include damaged wood floors due to termites, scratches, stains, spots, and many more. 

Laminate flooring secures a sustainable wood floor quality. It does not, in any way, diminish the feel of an actual hardwood floor. It simply looks and feels like it from the get-go. After all, you are laying it on an actual wood floor. 

What’s the difference then? 

The difference is that with a laminate flooring, your wood floor’s quality stays intact for God knows how long. Some say it could last for years; others say it could last for a decade. But the truth is that it all depends on the quality of your laminate flooring and the manner of laying it. 

Fortunately, you have maximum control over the two. Just read this whole article and you’ll be able to do it fast with real awesome results!

How to Lay Laminate Flooring

How to Choose the Best Laminate Flooring Quality?

The perfect way to choose the best laminate flooring quality centers on the buying guide below. 

Read on to learn the secret.

  • Check out the AC rating. 

The AC rating does not only reveal the durability of the laminate flooring, it also tells how thick the laminate is. Eventually, thickness is key to durability. Therefore, it should not be missed when choosing one. 

Remember: The thicker, the better. So as the AC rating scores up, the thickness almost always increases as well. 

An AC1 rating is thick enough to resist folding and scratches. It still may not be able to resist intense traffic though. Bedrooms, guest rooms, and other inner rooms less treaded by people are the best areas to lay an AC1 laminate flooring on.

An AC2 rating, on the other hand, should be a bit thicker. So it should work well in areas with moderate traffic like living rooms, receiving areas, etc. 

Finally the AC3-AC5 ratings resemble the thickest built aimed to withstand extreme pressure and traffic. Populated areas like buildings, offices, stores, and other public places warrant the service provided by any one of these laminate ratings. 

  • Be conscious of the types. 

The common types of laminate flooring are artificial wood and plastic laminate, with the former being more expensive than the latter.

If you are looking for a laminate type that closely resembles wood in appearance and feel, you will certainly enjoy the artificial wood laminate. 

It’s not as sturdy as the actual wood; but fortunately, it isn’t all skin and bones. With proper refinishing, you can turn this vulnerable flooring into a damage-proof material. 

The plastic laminate, on the other hand, is compatible with bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and other wash areas because of its capacity to resist moisture. And, as expected of the plastic material, it is not as long-lasting as the artificial wood laminate. But hey, at least it’s cheap. And, you can just replace it with a new one anytime. 

  • Mind the seller. 

Even if you get to secure the best laminate flooring material, if it’s bought from an unreliable seller, chances are that you’ll still encounter problems with it in the future. 

The integrity of the seller is an equally critical factor to consider. 

To be able to find the most reliable sellers, make it a habit to refer to friends, reviewer sites, and direct contact engagement. By all means, do not rush when making a decision. You deserve the best options. 

  • Mind the art and design. 

The selection of laminate flooring material deems to be more meticulous than it appears. Eventually, you can’t just pick a material without considering if it matches your home interior’s color, aesthetics, tone, feel, and overall design. 

The laminate texture plays an equally crucial role in substantially integrating the laminate material into your space. For this aspect, we have the raw/hand-placed wood laminates and the commercial mirror-polished wood laminates to choose from.

You are now ready to proceed with the steps on how to lay laminate flooring. But one more thing before you go: click this link to read “what to know before installing laminate flooring”. 

Key Steps on How to Lay Laminate Flooring

Here are the steps on how to do it:

Step 1. Clear the area where the laminate flooring is to be installed. 

  • Prepare the wickes laminate flooring.
  • Remove older base coats and shoe moldings from the area, including all the other attachments.
  • Do it cautiously to avoid leaving dents on the wood floor, wall boards, and space kicks.

Step 2. Vacuum-clean the floor. 

  • Inspect any presence of moisture in the floor.
  • If dry, proceed to vacuum-clean the floor. 
  • Avoid stepping on the vacuumed area. 

Step 3. Install the underpad. 

  • Unfold the laminate flooring to check if it has an underpad included. 
  • If none, you will have to purchase one and size it separately. 
  • Set the underpad over the area where the laminate flooring is to be placed. 
How to Lay Laminate Flooring

Step 4. Start laying the laminate. 

  • Start laying laminate flooring into the area. 
  • Use specialized saws (circular saws for cutting straight lines and saber saws for cutting curves) to cut across the laminate flooring.
  • Match the height of the laminate flooring with the gap between the door and the floor. This is a crucial move.

Step 5. Fit the base shoe. 

  • Fit the base shoe to the baseboard by cutting it. Do this right after laying laminate flooring.
  • Attach the laminate’s base to the baseboard’s edge by nailing them. Fit in the base shoe. 
  • Apply a finishing material to mend the gaps. 

Continue reading to hear our conclusion.

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Our simple steps on how to lay laminate flooring surely yield the best results without losing the fun in doing it. 

The pre-installation method, on the other hand, emphasizes that you can’t just proceed with the whole process without considering the thickness, type, seller reputation, and the overall art and design of the laminate flooring. All these considerations play a critical role in securing the success of the effort. 

Upon laying the laminate flooring, you must always immediately take heed of the elements like the cleanliness of the area, fitness of the base shoe, and the overall environment of the room.

Once you have considered all these factors in, nothing could go wrong! That’s for sure. 

how to lay laminate flooring