How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing: Top 4 Easiest Tips [Apr. 2021]

Nowadays, it has become a privilege to keep an immaculate floor grout in the home. In fact, it has also become quite an effort to learn the right tips on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing. While that isn’t always true for some, it’s true for most people who are too busy to even maintain minimal places in their homes. 

But to be honest: it doesn’t really take a village to maintain a brand-new looking and clean grout. You see – most of what constitutes scrubless floor grout cleaning is practical knowledge.

You only need the right set of experiences to nail this. Or, you can just follow this article all the way to the end to learn how to clean grout without scrubbing. Eventually, once you learn the right tools outside of a scrub and the right moves to do it, there’s definitely no forgetting. 

Let’s head to our kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. and give those dark-colored slimy grouts the makeover they deserve!

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

What Makes Floor Grouts So Filthy?

Numerous factors easily turn your once pleasant-looking grouts into the monstrous and disgusting look they are now. Undoubtedly, grouts are one of the dirt-prone corners in your home. 

Now, on the other side of the story, determining the causes of dirty grouts easily advances practical tips on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing. 

The factors are as follows:

  1. The grout’s property

Grout is the material that is being laid in between two tiles. It stays there to hold the tiles together. To be able to do its job, a grout requires specific properties like being pervious and craggy. Meaning, it easily absorbs and traps dirt in the long run. 

Besides absorbing external agents, grouts are known to trap them in. That is why, grouts are a bit challenging to clean without fading its color. Most of the time, it requires excessive scrubbing to remove its dirt. However, long-term scrubbing unfortunately causes the grout to lose its natural color. 

  1. The level of the grout

It is important to understand that a grout is a low-lying area between floors. Thus, it naturally invites dirt, stains, water, and other agents to settle on it. Since it has hardened over time, having been locked in between two tiles, it makes a difficult situation for the agents to escape. 

Eventually, given its placement, the grout keeps all the agents underneath until they develop into minerals. Apparently, this accounts to why it’s just so difficult to remove the dirt without scrubbing. 

Fortunately, the tip on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing should be able to accomplish this in no time. 

  1. Filthy water & mold

Whenever you are mopping the floor and you’re too lazy to replace its water, you encourage dirt to accumulate in the grout.

As we mentioned earlier, a grout has all the properties conducive for dirt accumulation. From its texture, down to its low-lying level, grouts constantly invite stains and dirt to settle in. 

It is only a matter of time now whether the dirt will harden or eventually just slip away.

  1. Wrong cleaning methods

Sad to say: but, a quarter of the causes of a dirty grout is a faulty cleaning method. What particular fault are we talking about? Well, all faults, but mostly on negligence. 

The first fault begins with using the wrong floor cleaner/soap/detergent. The second fault has to do with the force exerted on mopping and/or vacuuming. The final fault takes a seemingly innocent move: the failure to sufficiently rinse the floor after mopping. And, this applies to whether you are using soap or not. 

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

Meanwhile, an unrinsed soap works like an ultimate killer of grout quality. It does not even take days for soap residues to harden and penetrate into the grout. Soap residues are just that damaging on grout quality that they require scrubbing to be cleaned. 

Thanks to our tips on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing, it won’t always be the case now. 

Now that we know the major causes of a dirty grout, it’s time to paper in our top materials for grout cleaning. 

Top Materials for Tile and Grout Cleaning

The materials are as follows: 

  • Baking Soda or Peroxide

Baking soda or peroxide is a great home solution for melting dirt away from grouts. The baking soda has a special solution that, when in contact with water, can instantly melt the dirt away.  

If you’re looking for a highly-polishing agent, you may consider using peroxide. But compared to baking soda, peroxide tends to be harsher so that it can ironically aggravate the discoloration in the grout. Moderate application of the peroxide is a must. 

  • Vinegar

Unlike baking soda or peroxide, vinegar (white) works more naturally. While it may take some time to do so, it actually does remove dirt off grouts. 

Vinegars are especially useful when you are incapable of going outside the house. Eventually, vinegar works side-effect-free not just on grouts, but on the tiles as well. 

  • Lemon & Other Citrus 

The sour and polishing properties of lemon and/or citrus works just like the vinegar. Fulfilling as a great DIY option, lemon leaves spotless cleaning action on the grout, without slightly affecting the original color of the grout. 

While it may take time and effort to take effect, citrus ingredients remain the cheapest, most immediate solution for cleaning the grout without scrubbing. 

  • Best Commercial Grout Cleaners

Choosing the best grout cleaner is crucial for both the effect and safety of the floor/grout. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to making your own choices, we have the best ones sorted out for you:

1. Ultimate Grout Cleaner

A best seller in most seller sites, this top grout cleaner product by the Black Diamond Stoneworks brand boasts of a tile and grout-friendly yet dirt-tough solution! 

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

It is so effective that it does not require scrubbing or even wiping. You can simply leave the solution to dry and it will take care of all the cleaning itself. 

2. Goo Gone Grout & Tile Cleaner

This product proves to be the perfect cleaner for busy users. Guaranteeing zero-scrubbing action, all it requires is a gentle wipe afterwards. 

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

The product features natural citrus ingredients and a sweet-smelling solution. 

  1. Marblelife Tile & Grout Cleaner

If you’ve got pure stones like marble in your home, then you won’t have to fear using this product by the Marblelife brand. 

A single application of the solution into a dirty grout can already result to a super-clean floor output. 

Let’s waste no time. Here are the best tips on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing.

Easiest Tips on How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing!

The tips are as follows:

Tip #1. Combine Peroxide and Baking Soda (Extremely Potent). 

  • Pour 1 cup baking soda into a clean container or dish. 
  • Pour 3-4 drops of peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) into the baking soda. 
  • Add 2-3 drops of water. 
  • Mix well until the solution becomes sticky. 
  • Using a spatula, apply the solution into the dirty grout. 
  • Leave for 10 minutes. You can go shorter than 10 minutes but remember not to exceed beyond 10 minutes. 
  • Wipe to clean the area with a slightly wet fabric. 

Tip #2. Use vinegar. 

  • Prepare one glass one water. 
  • Add in 3 glasses of white vinegar. 
  • Mix well until the solution thickens and becomes sticky. 
  • Using a spatula, apply the solution into the dirty grout. 
  • On a separate spray container, mix equal parts of water and vinegar. 
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly. 
  • Spray the solution into the area applied with baking soda solution. 
  • Wait for the mixtures to react to each other (noticeable through the forming of bubbles). This should not take a few minutes. 
  • Wipe the solutions clean with damp fabric. 

Note: If either or floor is made of pure stone, do not apply vinegar.

Tip #3. Use a Steam Cleaner. 

  • Read the user manual of the steam cleaner. 
  • Assemble the steam cleaner. 
  • Put water into its container. 
  • Activate the steam cleaner to release steam/heat. 
  • Begin cleaning. 
  • Wipe the residue with clean and dry cloth or mop.

Tip #4. Use clean water. 

  • Prepare a pail of water. 
  • Prepare a clean and dry mop. 
  • Submerge the head of the mop into the water. 
  • Place the mop into the floor and begin cleaning. 
  • Replace water whenever it turns murky. 
  • Put a bit of force when mopping the grout area. 
  • Wipe the remaining moisture with a clean and dry fabric. 

And, that’s about it. 

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There’s much to take in maintaining a clean floor grout. Fortunately, our top 4 easiest tips on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing should help you lessen the effort. However, allow us to emphasize at this point that there is really no 100% guarantee that you won’t be scrubbing. 

By all means, the intensity of the cleaning effort generally depends on the intensity of the dirt. And, as we mentioned a while ago, time has a bigger hand on this. So unless the dirt has not deeply penetrated into the grout, you may not have to scrub. However, if the circumstance deems it, you will have to scrub. 

What’s so big of a deal scrubbing anyway?

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing