The Magic Trick on How to Clean Shower Floor Successfully [June. 2023]

Cleaning the shower floor can be a mundane, basic, and no-brainer task. But, it can also be fun. The fun in cleaning a shower floor happens when cleaning is successful. Thus, this goes to say that while it’s a simple task, it does not necessarily turn out successful all the time. Luckily, we’ll be sharing the secret to success in this article. So, stay put!

The tips on how to clean shower floor have all the right moves for not only cleaning, but also taking care of your shower floor. So consider this guide as a double luck.

As you can see, maintaining a clean shower floor is crucial for a healthy and happy home. Hygiene, above all else, matters a lot in a bathroom. 

But before anything else, let’s find out how dirty a bathroom/shower floor can get. 

According to this research, shower floors can house a high concentration of bacteria and fungi. Regardless of a publicly or privately-used bathroom, bacteria just loves to thrive on its floor. Besides the floor, they especially love to dwell in shower curtains. 

You may want to keep the floor and curtains in mind in case you’re planning for a major cleanup. For those without shower curtains, you’ll only have to tackle the floors. 

How regular is the cleaning we’re talking about here?

According to this research, you are to clean your shower floor at least once a week. 

Imagine that! 

So let’s waste no time in making your weekly cleaning worthwhile. 

What Causes my Shower Floor to Become So Dirty?

Two major factors make your shower floor an auspicious home for bacteria and fungi to thrive: gravity and moisture. 

Standing on it, you cause your dirt to flow off your skin and into the floor below. As in the rule of gravity, particles then concentrate on the surface. And, although the drain exists to receive all the dirt, it obviously fails to absorb all, leaving some particles behind. 

As you  leave the bathroom, the water settles in as moisture. The dirt then absorbs the moisture and introduces a healthy nesting ground for pathogens.

The magic on how to clean shower floor successfully revolves around these two major factors: gravity and moisture. 

It’s great that you asked this question. Now, let’s proceed.

How to Clean Shower Floor Successfully

Before we put on the towel, let’s gather the important cleaning tools:

  1. Warm water ( 2 gallons)
  2. Large and thick cloth/towel
  3. Soft-bristle brush (Click the link here to see our recommended product)
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (Click here to see our favorite product)
  1. Sweeper (Click here to see our favorite product)
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  1. Baking Soda (Click here to see our recommended product)
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  1. Vinegar (¼ cup)
  2. Cleaning soap or shower grout cleaner (Click here to see our recommended product)
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Here are the steps on how to clean shower floor successfully:

Step #1. Gather floor dirt with a sweeper. 

  • Clear the floor by sweeping it. 
  • Choose a sweeper that has softer bristles. 
  • Start by sweeping along the corners. 
  • Go over behind the toilet bowl and sweep it thoroughly. 
  • Gather all dirt into the center of the bathroom floor. 
  • Pick the dirt using a slightly-wet napkin. 

Step #2. Apply a natural cleaning solution into the floor. 

  • Close the drain in your sink.
  • Turn on the faucet. Set it to warm. If your faucet doesn’t have an automatic heater, heat water separately. 
  • Pour the warm water into the sink (2 gallons). 
  • Mix in vinegar (¼ cup).
  • Put in 1 tbsp of soap. 
  • Dip a clean cloth into the solution. 
  • Squeeze the cloth to extract water. 
  • Lay the cloth into the floor and start wiping using your feet. You can also use your hands but make sure to put on gloves. 
  • Continue until all corners of the shower floor are wet. 

Step #3. Continue wiping to dry.

  • After you’re done with the first part on how to clean shower floor, drain the mixture in the sink. 
  • Prepare one or two large dry towels. 
  • Lay the towel/s on the floor. 
  • Step on it to avoid bending over and using your hands. However, if you’re comfortable using your hands, then do it. 
  • Wipe the floor to dry. Begin wiping at the corner facing the door to avoid walking back into the floor once you’ve reached the door. 
  • Make sure all corners are dry. 

Step #4. Concentrate on tiles and grouts. 

  • Prepare your homemade bathroom tile grout cleaner solution:
  • For granite, stone, marble, and slate floors, mix 2 cups of baking soda with 1 cup of water. Mix thoroughly
  • For spots on the floor, combine 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar. Still, make sure that the floor is not marble, slate, granite, etc. Otherwise, you will simply have to scrub the floor with baking soda and water.
  • For rough and weak floor tiles, combine 2 cups of baking soda with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide. 
  • With these DIY cleaning solutions at hand, you can finally begin the steps on how to clean shower floor tiles. 
  • Apply the solution into the tile grout. 
  • Brush the indicated grout area. 

Step #5. Rinse, rinse, rinse. 

  • Once you’re done brushing the entire shower floor tile grout, rinse with clean warm water. 
  • Check for any suds. Rinse again if there are any. 
  • Wipe to dry the floor. 
  • Go back to the shower floor after a day to apply a sealant solution for grout. 
The Magic Trick on How to Clean Shower Floor Successfully

Note: Here’s the best way to clean a shower curtain. 

Let’s head to our conclusion…

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The secret on how to clean shower floor lies in determining the factors that cause it to get dirty, determining how many times the shower floor is to be cleaned, determining the tools and products to be used, and determining the procedures for doing it. 

You simply can’t just randomly brush and wet your shower floor. That would be no-fun! Worst, it might not even clean the floor and aggravate the concentration of bacteria and fungi there. 

As it turns out, the magic on how to clean shower floor successfully entails ample preparation, mindful carrying-out of the cleaning plan, and meticulous observation to details.

Yes Cleaning the shower floor may sound mundane, basic, and no-brainer if, and only if, you’re doing it mindlessly. Otherwise, it requires the efforts and brains we just enumerated earlier. 

What are some secrets you’ve got on shower cleaning? 

Do you think our steps above can guarantee a 100% clean shower floor?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.