Is Hoover Commercial C2401 Lightweight Backpack Vacuum Best : An Ultimate Review [June. 2023]

Behold: a promising leap in vacuum technology design! The Hoover Commercial C2401 dazzles as a backpack vacuum. But, since it’s a daily new vacuum design and technology, it must go over our critical evaluators. In this article, we will draw out both its strengths and weaknesses and hopefully decide on its overall reputation. 

If you’re looking for the most unique vacuum design making the rounds in the vacuum market today, you’ll surely come across the Hoover Commercial C2401 Lightweight Backpack vacuum! In fact, this vacuum is the only vacuum of its kind. And, while this reputation would benefit it with forward points, it also ironically costs it some drawbacks. 

It is indeed both a blessing and a curse. 

Fortunately, because of our balanced review, we were able to come up with a final say. Does it pass our standard? Does it exceed expectations? Or, is it just another run of the mill unit?

Stay tuned to find out. 

For now, let us assure you first that it is truly a promising cleaning technology. 

So let’s not hold you long; let’s get going with this review!

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401,Black

Why Should I Pick and Use the Hoover Commercial C2401 Lightweight Backpack Vacuum? 

You should pick and use the Hoover Commercial C2401 vacuum today, because of the following reasons:

  1. It allows carrying the vacuum in the back for easy mobility. 
  2. It includes several attachments and accessories in its package. 
  3. It accomplishes cleaning in a shorter time. 
  4. It has a super long power cord. 
  5. It can accomplish deep cleaning.
  6. It is comfortable to use. 
  7. It allows vacuuming for wide and far spaces. 
  8. It grips strongly on shoulders through pads. 
  9. It has intense HEPA filter functionality. 
  10. It has an adjusted top dome lid to accommodate either left or right-handed individuals. 

The facts presented here went through extensive testing and simulation from our end. The review below will further support these outstanding facts, weighing them side by side with its own drawbacks. 

Read on to experience our ultimate review of the Hoover Commercial C2401. 

An Ultimate Review of the Hoover Commercial C2401 Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Taking a bold lead by assuming a never-before vacuuming setup, this latest backpack vacuum by the Hoover brand has all the right reasons for effective cleaning. But only a matter of constant use can definitely define how the product would fare in the long run. 

The model’s backpack configuration alone warrants it all the praise. That is because, for the first time, a seemingly-portable backpack Hoover vacuum makes it in the industry. While still yielding a rather work-in-progress, this vacuum ranks as a promising technology. 

How does it really work?

Well, all you have to do is to strap it into your shoulders before doing the usual vacuuming. Stretching it far to reach hard areas would be easy and convenient, thanks to its super-long power cord of 48 feet for that. 

Adjusting the position of the Hoover Commercial C2401 backpack vacuum requires only pressing the top dome lid on either side. Made to accommodate both left or right-handedness, this model aims to eliminate every possible chance of awkwardness. 

But how about the suction power? 

Reconciling from either side of the reviews, we came up with the presumption that its suction power ranks average. However, after finally testing the product first-hand, we came to a conclusion.

It’s suction power is dependent on the tilt of the Hoover Commercial vacuum. Thus, we recommend standing straight when cleaning. For instances where narrow areas need to be reached, utilizing the extension wand would suffice. 

Although its suction capacity is not so strong, it is further reinforced by its Hypercone HEPA filter. With these features paired, 99.97% of allergens are surely absorbed. Per our testing, we concluded that with a conditioned HEPA filter, the vacuum can sustain suction for more than 30 minutes. 

Its strap setup also importantly prevents strain in the body. 

What about its drawbacks?

Some of its drawbacks are as follows: 

  1. Front straps can prove uncomfortable for women with large breasts. 

Solution: Have the strap length replaced by the manufacturer. This can prove to be costly though. 

  1. The waist belt can be too short for users with a thicker belly. 

Solution: Have the strap replaced by the manufacturer despite being costly. 

  1. It’s not fit for wet cleaning. 

Solution: You can only use it for dry cleaning. 

  1. It’s not great for cleaning carpets. 

Solution: You may use it for tackling specific stations and spots though, but not the entire carpet as it causes you to bend down and interrupt the vacuum flow. 

  1. Its vacuum strap setup takes time.

Solution: You’ll just have to be patient with it. 

  1. Its extremely long power cord might tangle up. 

Solution: Mind the placement of the hose when cleaning to keep from stepping on it.


  • Anti-Strain Harness
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Zero Noise Performance
  • Long Power Cord
  • Hypercone HEPA Filter Quality
  • Added Accessories & Other Attachments
  • Backpack Design for Easy Mobility
  • Best for Continuous Vacuuming 
  • Quick Assembly & Part Replacement


  • Straps can get tight
  • Short waist belt
  • Not fit for wet cleaning
  • Not for cleaning carpets
  • Takes time to prepare straps
  • Extra-long power cord can tangle up

Verdict: From our intensive analysis and review of the Hoover Commercial C2401, we concluded that although it’s a work-in-progress, it can do much within its limits. The super takeaway of this vacuum comes in the form of a backpack design. All-in-all, it’s a decent product!

Hoover Commercial C2401 Lightweight Backpack Vacuum: An Ultimate Review

If you’re planning to venture out on your own, looking for the best backpack vacuum to purchase, consider the buying guide below. 

2023 Buying Guide for the Best Backpack Vacuum

Patterned from the configurations we have extracted from Hoover Commercial C2401, our buying guide presents the following properties:

  1. Product Weight

If you prefer a backpack vacuum, always ensure that it’s light. Otherwise, you would have to suffer strains when carrying it. 

When choosing one make sure to:

  • Wear it and strap it on to feel its weight. 
  • Keep it strapped for at least 10 minutes to see how it configures. 
  • After 10 minutes, try to move around if the strap remains comfortable. 
  • Go for a 10-pound product weight. That would be ideal. 
  1. Capacity

As they say, you can’t have it all. You see, if you insist on an extremely light canister, chances are that it lacks a spacier hold for dust, causing leak in the long run. Choosing a bigger canister, on the other hand, tends to be heavier and more time-consuming to clean. 

What should you choose then?

  • Pick the one with 3-4 quartz. You can pick the 6-quart dust capacity. However, you’ll have to keep in mind to add in supporting straps. 
  1. Affordability

Look into reviews about the product you’re setting your eyes on. Note that the material does not really count in the cost. What truly matters in this case is the overall efficiency and capacity of the vacuum backpack. Its wearing comfort can be treated as part of its efficiency. 

  • Do not hesitate to make listings and comparisons between products. 
  • Do not shy away from choosing more affordable products as long as they live up to the promise of efficiency. 
  1. Noise Control

The noise yield of a vacuum is crucial for achieving a less-stressful cleaning. Also, it reduces the noise pollution. 

Here’s how you spot the noise control:

  • Go for a 66dBA or lower noise level
  1. Attachments & Accessories

The attachments and accessories reinforce the vacuum’s cleaning capacity. Without them, it wouldn’t be able to play out its intended function. 

Here’s a list of important attachments/accessories on a backpack vacuum:

  • Extension wand
  • Crevice tool
  • Brush
  • Long Hose
  • Dusting brush

Have you got more questions? Find the answers through our FAQs:


  1. Who should use the Hoover Commercial C2401?

People with back pains and usual strains should use the product. 

  1. Can you use a backpack vacuum for intense cleaning?

No. Backpack vacuums are only best used for quick and subtle cleaning. 

Continue reading to hear our conclusion about Hoover Commercial C2401. 

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There you go. As promising as the Hoover Commercial C2401 expresses to be, it’s practicality shines the brightest. 

As it turns out, the product is decent to live up to its boldness in terms of design, setup, and functionality. Its backpack setup makes it stand out from the rest. But even with such an edge, the product has much to improve particularly with its straps.

Does the Hoover Commercial C2401 pass our standards? Of course, it definitely does.

Does it exceed expectations? It depends on the expectations. If we’re talking about overall efficiency, yes it exceeds! However, in terms of convenience and comfort, it doesn’t. 

Is it another run of the mill product? Not of course. It’s decent at times, but truly great most of the time. 

What do you think about this product?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.