An Intimate Review of the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner with Complete Accessory Kit [June 2023]

Powerful. Versatile. Practical. Effective. Affordable. These qualities, among many others, brandish the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner’s image! Its basic functionalities per se make it the perfect choice for 21st century cleaning needs. Let us tell you why.

The Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner works on homes, automobiles, and offices. A newly-released model by European brand Dupray, it requires the least time and effort from your end. 

Also, thanks to its power steam functionality, it can work without the aggressive cleaning solutions. These, among many other features, make it a powerful, versatile, practical, effective, and affordable tool. 

Today’s busy lifestyle, aggravated by the pandemic, deems the importance of a fast and one-click-to-go cleaning tool. As much as possible, we are to pursue cleaning with one less concern each time. This latest unit by Dupray embodies all the right reasons we mentioned. 

If you’re having doubts about the product’s actual capacity, you should read this review. Referencing from existing reviews about the product, we take the claims and put them to the test. 

Finally, we dig deeper into the drawbacks and offer corresponding solutions that potentially help you maximize your experience with the product. 

Read on to discover why the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner is today’s perfect cleaning choice…

An Intimate Review of the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner with Complete Accessory Kit

Why Should I Use Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner

You should buy and use Dupray Commercial Steam Cleaner today because of the following reasons

  1. It has adjustable steam pressure. 
  2. It can already clean using its steam feature. 
  3. It can tackle deep cleaning without chemicals. 
  4. It moves around easily being a super-light item. 
  5. It can last for 50 minutes uninterrupted cleaning. 
  6. It is easy to clean and maintain. 
  7. It has an effective heating system.
  8. It only takes 10 minutes of heating time. 
  9. Its boiler functionality can last for a lifetime. 
  10. Design is compact. 
  11. It requires less water. 
  12.  It is affordable. 

A quantifiable part of these reasons represent many truths indicated by independent reviewers. 

Summing them up, we achieve the four main properties of the vacuum cleaner: powerful, versatile, effective, and affordable. A large part of these truths, on the other hand, transpired from our actual test and review of the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner. 

Since you’ve been asking for our actual verdict of the product, let’s hold you no longer and get on with the main part of the review. 

The Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner with Complete Accessory Kit in Review: Technology at Its Finest

A plastic and stainless steel-bodied cleaning spectacle, this canister vacuum cleaner defies the limits in a vacuum cleaner with its complete accessory kit. Beyond its form, its overall functionality (with its weaknesses included) reshape our expectations of vacuum cleaning. 

Cleaning areas can be quite a challenge if you lack the necessary tools and accessories. Having to constantly move around and look for cleaning materials eventually exhausts the user even before one completes the cleaning session. 

For parents who have kids and pets moving around, quick cleaning is a necessity. However, it tends to be difficult to do instant cleaning without the suited tool. 

Fortunately, the industry came up with the steam cleaning solution. This cleaning configuration eases cleaning twice the result by simply using water, heat, pressure, and suction. The Dupray Steam Cleaner does that exactly!

Small, compact and comfortable to the hands, this device only requires less water and zero chemicals to do its thing. But unlike other cleaners, it includes a special feature in its controls: an adjustable steam pressure.

Meaning, it gives you the choice to either intensify or lower pressure based on surface resistance. With this feature, you can deep-clean hard surfaces and protect soft surfaces from damage if you want to. Apparently, this feature earns the product its edge over contemporary vacuum cleaners. 

This tool is also wheeled for easy mobility. It is also super-light should you carry it to clean your vehicle. Nevertheless, storage deems zero issue as it does not involve excessive attachments. Yes, it may have several accessories, but these can be left attached even during storage.

These essential accessories include 1 funnel, 2 extension tubes, 1 rectangular floor tool, 1 triangular floor tool, 1 small brush, etc. Check the product site to see the complete list of accessories (note that we also posted corresponding solutions herein). 

What are some issues we find with the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this one is highly dependent on its hose. 

Solution: Have it reformatted directly by the manufacturers. However, this could incur additional cost and time. The best solution is to use it with its hose attached each time. Yeah, we know it sucks. But hey, outside this issue, the product simply is magic. 

  1. It sometimes emits a burnt plastic smell. 

Solution: Always mind its heating limit. Don’t go beyond 8 minutes. Aslo, have its filter checked every time. Most overheating problems arise from full tanks and filters.

  1. Steamer turns out to be difficult to fix once broken. 

Solution: Fortunately, its steam feature does not easily break. Built to withstand abuse, the steam technology, including the entire vacuum system, can actually last for a lifetime. 

But that does not mean you won’t have to take care of it. The bad news is, once it’s broken, chances are that it might be irreparable, leaving you with only one option that is to have it replaced with a new steamer feature. 


  • All Useful Accessories in a Kit (Complete)
  • Powerful Suction and Steam Technology
  • Affordable
  • Controllable/Adjustable Steam Pressure
  • High Steam Concentration
  • One-Click-to-Go Cleaning
  • Flexible Usage
  • Quick Assembly
  • Quick Storage
  • Compact Design
  • Deep Cleaning Capacity
  • Best on Homes, Automobiles, & Offices
  • 100% Efficient Cleaning
  • Easy to Maintain
  • 50-Minute Uninterrupted Cleaning Time


  • Can’t clean without hose
  • Emits smell of burnt plastic
  • Steamer is difficult to repair, only replaceable
  • Has tendency to overheat

Verdict: Based on our own review, we gather that the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner manifests minor setbacks compared to the dozen of advantages ingrained in its system. For that, we deduce that it’s the perfect cleaning choice for today’s complex needs!

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner with Complete Accessory Kit

The information stated here, based on first-hand experience, sufficiently illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of our featured tool. But there are surely a ton of other equally great vacuum steam cleaners to choose from besides this. 

How can you spot the best canister vacuum steam cleaners? 

We’ll leave that to the section that follows…

2023 Buying Guide for the Best Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Here’s the complete guide on how to instantly spot the best canister steam vacuum cleaners much like the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner. 

  1. Affordability

Quality performance, by all means, should not be sacrificed for cost. However, if you can find a price that packages a whole set of cleaning options and capacities, go for it. 

In this regard, the price range of $300-500.00 can be set as standard for affordability among steam cleaners. 

Here’s what you can do to weigh in on affordability: 

  • Check out if it offers 3-4-year warranty. 
  • Consolidate between review information and seller price offers. 
  • Check out percentage offers attached to the product. 
  • Check out if all accessories included have immediate functions, and not mere additions. 
  1. Versatility & Controls

The product’s versatility and control features highly determine the success of your cleaning. 

Versatility, in this case, pertains to grip comfortability. 

Here’s how you can check on these qualities in a product:

  • Check if it’s lighter and smaller but not necessarily too small. You will have to lift and hold it by yourself to know. 
  • If the product is too small, it may turn out to be inefficient when it comes to deep-cleaning.
  • If you are to measure the standard average weight and dimensions of a steam cleaner, refer to the standards set by Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner, or this: W= 9-10 pounds; D= 15 X 11 X 10, or 13 X 8 X 7 inches.
  1. Accessory Kits & Other Attachments

The accessory kit and other attachments should make cleaning more effective, not cause hassle. 

Here’s what you can do to secure this part:

  • Refer to reviews about the product. 
  • List in the accessories or attachments, and then study their functionalities. Go over each one and see if these fit your cleaning needs and contexts. 
  1. Heating & Steam Pressure Controls

Without heating and steam pressure controls, it would be impossible to manipulate the cleaner. Some units have powerful but non-adjustable steam controls. 

Here’s how you can secure this: 

  • See and test the product if it borders between 100-300℉ high heat capacity. 
  • See and test the product if it includes 3-4 indicators and corresponding control buttons. 
  1. Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity is crucial for deciding how cleaning goes on and sustains. If you want less interruptions, then you’d go for larger ones. On the other hand, if you want fast and controlled heating, you’d go for smaller ones.

However, this aspect proves to be more complicated than we know. 

Diving into it, here are points to consider:

  • See and test if the product allows for a straight 30-50 minute running time without having to overheat or refill. That would mean that it’s capacity is not too small or too large to cause trouble. 
  • Determine your cleaning contexts. If your space requires a quick steam heating process, go for a smaller water tank. However, if your space requires a continuous, uninterrupted cleaning, go for larger water tanks. 
  • Study also the drawbacks. A smaller water tank requires constant refill to avoid overheat; while, a larger water tank automatically cools down the steam heater at the onset of overheat, causing still another interruption in the end. Weigh between these parallel issues. 
  • See if the device has 2 water tanks. That would yield a major improvement on the steam cleaner performance.

Other minor issues you’ll have to keep in check: 

  • Noise Control
  • Length of Hose

The properties above, if observed and weighed in accordingly, will surely help you post the best steam vacuum cleaners sharing qualities equal or even greater than the Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner. 

You surely still have questions unanswered. Read our FAQs below to help you. 


  1. How good is the Dupray brand? 

Based on the Dupray One Steam Cleaner review and notes and first-hand information, most products by the Dupray brand prove superior in terms of efficiency and durability.

  1. Can the Dupray Industrial Steam cleaner clean carpets?

This latest Dupray product works effectively in removing stains and specific spots on carpets and rugs, not their whole area. 

  1. How long does it take for the steam to dry on carpets/rugs? 

It usually takes about 8-10 minutes. 

Read on to hear our conclusion. 

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The Dupray One Steam Vacuum Cleaner truly stands out as the perfect cleaning choice for today’s cleaning needs. As indicated in its product title, it’s all one-steam and touch action helps it reshape today’s cleaning expectations we never saw coming. 

Powered with all the right controls and features, this product ensures a successful and fast cleaning output. Comparing its current achievements with the claims we made earlier, this model wins by 80-90% match.

All-in-all, it truly lives up to its expectations as a powerful, versatile, practical, effective, and affordable cleaning tool! 

What do you think about this product?

Do you have first-hand encounters with it worthy of sharing? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.