Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On – 2023 Review

Among the greatest technological innovations in the century rises the vacuum. The crème de la crème of these vacuum models is the Shark vacuum. 

Who wouldn’t want to use a vacuum in cleaning the wide floors of their houses? Who wouldn’t prefer a faster way of cleaning the home, especially in today’s pressing pandemic? 

We all, of course, do! 

Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On

That’s why it can be extremely frustrating to experience malfunctions on your Shark vacuum cleaner. One of which is the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on. 

The light indicator is a crucial feature in the Shark vacuum as it doesn’t only signal if the vacuum is turned on, it also tells the current condition of this vacuum. 

That’s exactly why we’re writing this article today: to troubleshoot that specific problem. But if you read this entire article, you’ll also learn equally important points like how to properly maintain the Shark vacuum cleaner. 

Ready… 3,2,1… on!

the indicator light turns red on your Shark UpLight vacuum

Possible Reasons Why Your Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light is Not On

The condition involving your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator failed light acts as a mere symptom of a deeper, more serious problem in the system. 

The brush roll, designed to intensely remove carpet dust and dirt, operates from two power belts. These power belts or channels feed two different light colors. 

The red light indicates that the roll is filled with matters and is obstructed from turning. The green light, on the other hand, signifies that the brush roll is running sound. 

Now, imagine the light not turning on at all. That would be utterly frustrating especially that operating the Shark professional vacuum without the lights on could only aggravate a serious problem underneath. 

It’s important to watch for these possible reasons why your vacuum indicator light is not on:

  • Broken Brush Roll Channel

One of the most common causes of the light not turning on is a broken brush roll belt/channel. 

As we mentioned earlier, the brush roll is lined by two belts that directly connect to two light bulb indicators.

Now, even if just one of these channels encounter problems like loose placement, grounded lines, and the like, chances are that the entire light indicator channel fails to light on. 

Here’s what you can best do:

  • Ask help from Shark repair experts. 
  • If the belt or channel is confirmed to be the source of the problem, have it repaired. 
  • If irreparable, purchase your Shark vacuum a new belt. 
indicator light turns red on your Shark
  • Switch in the Wrong Position 

Good news: a Shark vacuum brush roll light indicator light not on does not always entail damage whatsoever. Sometimes, it just needs proper placement of the switch. 

Do the following:

  • Check out its two-mode switches “I” and “II”. 
  • The “I” mode switch prepares the suction power. So, it’s not yet entirely turned on to the point when the brush roll starts running. 
  • Now, it’s the “II” mode switch that makes full running power on the brush roll. 
  • Thus, you’ll have to first check if the mode is placed in that proper position. 
  • Roll Brush Excessively Blocked

The light red indicates that the brush roll is fully blocked with the matter. But what if it doesn’t turn on? One possibility is that the roll is simply excessively blocked for the power to run its course. 

Here’s to clear the roll from blockage:

  • Turn off the Shark professional vacuum and unplug it. 
  • Rest the vacuum down on something flat and solid.
  • Detach the brush roll.
  • Get a brush and use it to remove blockages trapped along the roll length. 
  • Turn it back on and see if light is on. 
  • Overheated Vacuum

The most common and major factor that causes your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on is an overheated device. 

Here’s how you can give it relief:

  • Turn off and unplug the vacuum immediately once you notice slight changes in its performance – low motor sound, decreased vacuuming speed, lights flickering or fully turning off.
  • Lay the vacuum on the ground to remove its dust bin. 
  • Clear the bin and the HEPA filter from blockages using a nylon-bristled brush. 
  • Do not turn the vacuum back on until 40-45 minutes later. 

Any of the factors above should be responsible for the Shark vacuum brush roll light not on. 

Troubleshooting the brush roll light problem means addressing these specific concerns. Since we’re talking about addressing maintenance-related problems, let’s learn how to properly clean to maintain the Shark vacuum. 

How to Clean and Maintain the Shark Vacuum 

The Shark professional vacuum is truly a standout vacuum technology. And while it holds the highest record for the most durable units in the past 3 years, it still requires the proper approach to cleaning and maintenance. 

Fortunately, maintaining the vacuum is already ensured when you clean it. 

Despite its record, the Shark vacuum might still encounter slight mechanical problems like brush roll light not on. 

To avoid such troubles and further troubles in the future, it helps to observe this cleaning method by heart.

Here are the steps on how to clean the Shark vacuum…

Step 1. Prepare the tools. 

Here are the necessary tools you are to prepare pre-cleaning:

  • Soft brush
  • Clean and dry cloth
  • Pair of scissors
  • Detergent soap or dishwashing liquid
  • Water (preferably warmer than normal temperature)

Step 2. Dismantle the vacuum. 

  • Turn off the vacuum and unplug (if needed learn how to reset the shark vacuum).
  • Detach the bin, filters, and hose.

Step 3. Inspect the vacuum. 

  • Inspect every open-ways for possible blockages. 
  • Use a brush for removing matter. 
  • If the matter is too hard, cut with scissors. 
  • Once cleared, wipe the opening areas with a clean and dry cloth. 

Step 3. Clean and empty the bin.

  • Twist to open the 2 ends of the bin. 
  • Hold the bin over a container and pour contents. 
  • Wash the bin with warm water. Apply soap. 
  • Brush the area inside the bin to clear out (preferably a brush with a long handle). 
  • Wash out soap with water. 
  • Wipe to dry the area inside the bin with a clean cloth. 
  • Leave the bin aside to dry. 

Step 4. Clear the filters. 

For the HEPA filter:

  • Open the filter door and pull out the added HEPA filter. Hold tight to pull. 
  • Wash the filter thoroughly with warm water.
  • Wipe and leave the filter to dry. 
Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On

For the foam filter:

  • Hold the foam filter firmly, but not hard. Be careful not to break it. 
  • Hold it under cool water. 
  • Wash thoroughly. 
  • Brush the foam thoroughly but don’t put too much pressure.
  • Apply soap. 
  • Wash again.
  • Wipe and leave to dry.
  • If you put it back in still wet, chances are that the shark vacuum front filter blows off. 

Step 5. Clear blockages from the brush roll. 

  • Detach the brush head and lay it on the floor to check its underpart. 
  • Slowly detach the brush roll from its case.
  • Hold it over a trash can to contain the dust particles. 
  • Pull the brush roll just to loosen it and not to entirely remove it from the case.
  • Brush off trapped blockages. Cut with scissors if necessary. 
  • After cleaning, return the brush roll to a lock. It should give a sound to indicate that it’s locked back in place.

Step 6. Clear the insides of the vacuum hose.

  • Check if the hose houses no wiring inside. 
  • If none, detach it. 
  • Fill the inside of the hose with water and soap. 
  • Pour out the water to see clearly. 
  • Use a long brush or any cloth to clean the belly of the hose. 
  • Importantly remove all materials after cleaning to prevent blocking in the hose. 
  • Wash again. 
  • Hang the hose to dry overnight. 
  • Reattach vacuum parts when dry. 

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Read on to hear our conclusion…


Your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on acts as a mere symptom of a deeper, more serious problem in the system. Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it’s just mundane. 

But, one thing remains true: a Shark vacuum, regardless of its solid package, requires regular maintenance through cleaning. 

A once-a-month cleaning would do. After all, the Shark vacuum deserves all that after doing the entire cleaning by itself. 

Now, you see that light turning off now? It could mean that:

  • It’s got a broken belt/channel
  • It’s switched in the wrong position 
  • Its roll brush is excessively blocked
  • Or, it’s simply overheated. 

Hurry! Go check it out to spot the problem.

Shark vacuum brush