10 Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges 2023 – Complete Guide

When it comes to working with woods, wood fillers are one of the essential components required. It is a handy material, more like putty, that makes wood repairs easy and durable. Professionals use the material to make the most of their wood items. Several options are available in the market, and different fillers have different consistencies, textures, and drying capacities.

Best Pick
FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler - Pint, Natural 24 Oz.
Good Choice
Elmer's E861 Carpenter's Wood Filler, 3.25-Ounce Tube, Golden Oak
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NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair Kit 14 Colors Wood Filler Scratch Repair Furniture Touch Up Kit Cover...
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Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler White Oak
FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler - Pint, Natural 24 Oz.
Elmer's E861 Carpenter's Wood Filler, 3.25-Ounce Tube, Golden Oak
NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair Kit 14 Colors Wood Filler Scratch Repair Furniture Touch Up Kit Cover...
Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler White Oak
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Pick
FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler - Pint, Natural 24 Oz.
FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler - Pint, Natural 24 Oz.
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Elmer's E861 Carpenter's Wood Filler, 3.25-Ounce Tube, Golden Oak
Elmer's E861 Carpenter's Wood Filler, 3.25-Ounce Tube, Golden Oak
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair Kit 14 Colors Wood Filler Scratch Repair Furniture Touch Up Kit Cover...
NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair Kit 14 Colors Wood Filler Scratch Repair Furniture Touch Up Kit Cover...
Also Consider
Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler White Oak
Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler White Oak
Amazon Prime

If you are on the lookout for the best wood fillers available on the market, we have got your back. We have shortlisted some of the best wood fillers for plywood edges available on the market to help you make an informed choice.

 Wood Filler Product Reviews – Best for For Plywood Edges

1. Famowood Latex Wood Filler

FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

One of the best Latex wood fillers available in the market, and it is very popular among people because of its environment-friendly and natural composition. Therefore, this filler choice is water-based and is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The wood filler doesn’t shrink or crack after drying because of its high strength.

Several individuals and professionals use this particular wood filler to repair the plywood edges, and they love its performance and rapid action. It spreads quickly with greater ease and adequately takes the shape of a crack or hole.

Highlight Features:

  • It has a welcoming characteristic that goes well with paints and stains of all kinds
  • You can drill it, sand it and even plan it after it dries up
  • Gives a wood-like appearance
  • Paintable and Stainable
  • Odour-free
  • Has a high-strength formula
  • Not an ideal choice for inexperienced workers


2. Elmer’s Wood Filler Golden Oak

Elmer's E861 Carpenter's Wood Filler, 3.25-Ounce Tube

Another great wood filler choice is the Elmer’s Wood Filler, which works great for minor plywood repairs. This one is an effective choice and can be easily applied for utmost benefits. If you are looking for smoothened edges, this one is the best choice. It effectively fills all nail holes and gaps and is one of the best choices among other available options.

The filler can be cleaned easily and works great for filling up all cracks and unevenness in plywood. If you are looking for a filler that doesn’t crack or shrink, this one is an affordable choice. The best part about using this choice is its handy packaging.

Highlight Features:

  • Affordable choice
  • It can be used to fill any hole type
  • Packaging enables easy application
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor application
  • It spreads evenly and fills up the crack effectively
  • It can be polished and sanded
  • Easily applied through the tube
  • The content inside the tube can dry up quickly after opening


3. Timberlake Red Oak Hardwood Filler

Timbermate Red Oak Hardwood Wood Filler 8oz Jar

Professionals generally use this particular pick to repair the hardwood, but it works well when applied to plywood for repairs. It can be considered one of the high-quality products and is very effective in filling the holes and holes perfectly. Even if the wood has gone through termite damage, you can apply this filler, and it will be the best decision to even out the surface.

This one is another great choice on our list and is worth the money spent. The product is valuable and user-friendly when applied for interior repairs. All the cracks and holes on your wood pieces will be filled excellently well with this wood filler. One of the decent choices of wood fillers that has easy and even application and can be cleaned easily.

Highlight Features:

  • It can be tinted before application
  • Better than the products that come in tube packaging
  • An ideal choice for several different kinds of wood, such as hardwood, oak, and walnut
  • Easy application
  • It rapidly dries and gets hardened for further processes
  • The product can be tinted after application or before
  • Perfect choice for the edge repairs
  • The staining results may at times be not accurate.


4. Nadamoo Floor and Furniture Repair Kit

NADAMOO Wood Furniture Repair Kit 14 Colors Wood Filler Scratch Repair Furniture Touch Up Kit

As the name suggests, this is not just a wood filler, but you get a complete kit to treat the damages caused to your floors and furniture. This kit contains one brush and 14 different wood fillers. The fillers available in this kit are available in different colors, making it the perfect choice to apply to different places.

Also, staining and painting fillers don’t give results as expected, but with this one, you can easily use a suitable color without having to stain it.

The product is an excellent choice for all kinds of scratches on the wooden walls and furniture. Also, if there are cracks on the edges of plywoods, you can use this product to smoothen the edges again. This is a worth buying option for professionals looking to make their plywoods strong and durable again.

Highlight Features:

  • Versatility is offered at a nominal price
  • A pack of 14 tubes, available in different colors
  • Two colors can be mixed to get the perfect tone
  • Excellent option
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Available at a fair price
  • Different shades for different applications
  • The paste may get dried up after opening the tube


5. Woodwise Powdered Wood Filler White

Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler White Oak

This particular choice of wood filler is available in powder form, and it is one of its biggest benefits. People usually go for pre-mixed wooden fillers since they are of the conception that it is easy to apply and handle. However, with powdered form, there is no hassle of drying up, and hence the product will last longer than the pre-mixed solutions.

Some of the powdered solutions when it comes to wood fillers work best and offer enhanced reliability. It is one of the best wood fillers that perform excellently when applied. You can use this option to fill up the gaps, holes, even out edges, fill gouges, etc.

That said, it is a multipurpose filler that does much more than just filling up plywood edges. Also, the best part about this choice is that it is easy to handle with no hassle.

Highlight Features:

  • Dried form, hence no worries of drying up
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Best for DIY uses
  • It Hardens into a reliable and tough surface
  • Safe for humans to touch and environment friendly
  • Easy to mix and then use
  • High strength formula for edges
  • You can sand them
  • Staining is a problem with this choice


Which is the Best Wood Filler for Plywood Edges?

Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges
Source: waterprooftips.com

The Famowood Latex Wood Filler is one of the best wood fillers available on the market. The product is quite beneficial and is opted by many to make the most of their plywood works. It is one of the most versatile choices that can be applied easily and is suited for indoor and outdoor applications. Some of its features and characteristics make it a popular choice among professionals.

Also, several options like this one can be pigmented or stained using a commonly used wood stain. To make the wooden piece aesthetically pleasing, applying a coat of veneer will do the job. Wood fillers are used to fill up all damages present on the furniture and walls made of wood.

Plywood is also used because of its resistance to moisture changes and temperature, enhanced stability, and resistance to high impacts. Like any other material, plywoods get damaged, and they need repairs so that their durability and essence are not lost.

The damage on the plywood takes place at the edges, so fillers are used to repair them. Let us know a few popular and effective choices that are sure to restore your plywood.

Why is Famowood Latex Wood Filler the best filler?

Source: amazon.com

Famowood Latex wood filler is the best filler because of its flexibility and versatility. You can easily use this particular choice even to put the scratches, cracks, and holes as well. When applied, the wood filler gets dried up in just a few minutes and is super easy to clean as well.

With the help of soap and water, you can easily clean the filler. It performs beyond expectations, and hence, professionals also use this product to repair plywoods adequately and have fewer complaints in the future.

This substance is usually made of glue and sawdust, which makes it a reliable substance. This characteristic of the substance enables professionals to easily paint and sand the wooden pieces to restore their smoothness and looks.

Buyer’s Guide

Picking a suitable wood filler for your project or repair work is critical to ensure that the task is adequately done. A few options available in the market are the best for hardwood but may not provide the same results when used for plywood.

Hence, when talking about plywood edges, you need to pick the best options for plywood to make the most of it. A few factors help you decide whether or not a particular choice is suitable for you.

Without further ado, let us go through a brief buyer’s guide that will help you pick the best option when it comes to wood fillers.

Stainable or Not

Some of the wood fillers available in the market are stainable, whereas some are not. You should know that you will get different color options in fillers. Hence, you should pick a color that is highly suited for your project.

That said, the color of the wood filler should match perfectly well with the color of the wooden piece that you are working on. If you cannot find that perfect match, then you should always choose one that can be painted.


Wood fillers are usually available in bucket packaging or tube packaging. If you are looking for minor repairs and want to fill small cracks and holes, then going with the tube packaging is recommended. It will be a cost-effective solution as well. However, if you are working on a large project or have larger repair works, going with the bucket packaging is recommended.

If you want to use a wood filler of thickened consistency, then you should not go with tube packaging. Since taking out a thick paste from the bucket is tough.

Solvent-Based or Water-Based

The water-based wood filler options contain wood fiber, cellulose, and gypsum. On the contrary, solvent-based wood fillers contain vinyl or epoxy. If you are looking to buy wood filler for an outdoor project, solvent-based options are recommended and vice versa.

Solvent-based filters are resistant to humidity, water, and other environmental factors that can damage the wood again quickly, outdoors. On the contrary, water-based solutions are beneficial as well. They have a rapid drying rate and are also easily handled as compared to solvent-based solutions.

Make a wise choice according to the project you are working on. While buying one, you should keep all factors in mind to make an informed choice.


How to cover seams in plywood?

You can cover the seams on plywood by following a few steps. The first step includes sanding, and then you need to apply the wood fillers to fill in the gaps. We highly recommend you use solvent-based fillers for all outdoor projects and if you are after a durable and strong finish.

What is the difference between putty and fillers?

Wood fillers offer durable and permanent solutions since they are used to repair the wood from the inside. They are poured into the gaps, and when hardened, they help the wood maintain its integrity. On the contrary, the putty is just applied to the outer surface after completing the finishing. It also contains some chemicals that may damage the wood.

Can I cover huge gaps using wood filler as well?

Yes, some of the options available in the market are ideal choices for filling in huge gaps on wooden surfaces. We strongly recommend you consult a professional before purchasing so that your purchase doesn’t go to waste. Also, you can choose to combine equal parts of white wood glue and sawdust to form a paste and fill the holes.


When it comes to handling a project related to woodworks or as far as repairs of wooden furniture, walls, or any other pieces are concerned, wood fillers are essential. They are responsible for the foundation of the wood used in the project, and hence, you cannot compromise on the quality.

Making an informed choice is beneficial since they are used for several purposes. We have tried to make the process easy for you by shortlisting some of the best available options to help you obtain maximum benefits. Most of the wood fillers are easily applied and give a new appeal to the wooden pieces.

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  • PC-Woody part B must be mixed with PC-Woody part A in equal volumes on a flat surface with a stiff putty knife; DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MIX WITH GLOVES