Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner [Feb. 2023]

Safe. Life-changing. Luxurious. Amazing effect on the hardwood floor. You’ll easily come across these descriptions when searching for the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

But how much of these words are really true? How much is just a marketing strategy? Does the product really work? 

You’ll find it out if you read this eye-opening review of the Bruce product to the very end. 

Many claim that the Bruce floor cleaner is an amazing product! But, we’ll be about to put that to test. 

So get ready with your cleaning tools and let’s get going!

Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner

What Should I Know About the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

The first thing you’ll have to know about the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner is that it’s a quick-action, no rinsing application!

But it shouldn’t be enough. To be wise in the whole cleaning business, you’ll have to know more about it.

That’s exactly why you should read the amazing Bruce Floor Cleaner review below….

Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Fast acting and super-convenient, this hardwood floor cleaner by the Bruce brand proves that floor cleaning and maintenance need not be messy!

Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner

A no-wax and certified no-film laminate cleaner, the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner isn’t perfect. But, it sure delivers beyond your expectations. 

This cleaner product has been popular for years because it actually lifts dust and particles from the floor’s surface. The key power the product holds, according to experts, is its ability to lift. 

What does lift mean in hardwood cleaning? 

Well, that means it lightens the dust particles/ soil’s density, making it steadily go up just in time to be either suction or wiped clean. 

Another thing that makes the “lift” action advantageous is its way of holding the soil in place not to seemingly float around too lightly and transfer to another surface or enter the person’s respiratory entrances. 

Ultimately, the product’s lift action solves the biggest challenge when cleaning hardwood floors: treating the finish. It tends to be most difficult when the floor is layered with Urethane finish. 
Fortunately, the Bruce wood floor cleaner solution mingles with the floor without slightly affecting the compositions of the Urethane layer. 

Again, because of its lift action, it only treats the dirt and leaves the finish intact. In addition, it does not leave dulling film residues behind. 

Since this top cleaner is a non-wax, it shouldn’t require rinsing, making it the fastest, most convenient hardwood floor cleaning solution ever. In terms of safety and sustainability, you won’t also have to worry about it’s eco-friendly solution. 

Maintaining the hardwood floor with the Bruce cleaner entails at most 2-3 times per 2 months. That is, because it is a laminate cleaner that is sure to provide newness on the floor’s overall sheen. 


  • Best for regular cleaning
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Economy size and affordable package
  • Safe & Eco-friendly solution; sustainable
  • No-rinsing & no-dulling film; wax-free
  • Lightweight spray bottle
  • Lift action cleaning technology


  • Takes time to dry up
  • Can be to watery when not stored in room temperature
  • Lacks sealant coating

There you go: our ultimate product honestly reviewed! Now, it’s time to dig deeper into its actual benefits to cleaning hardwood floors in general. 

What are the Benefits of the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

You’ve certainly learned a thing or two about what the Bruce Hardwood Floor does that other brands can’t do. 

But some benefits offered by the product dwell in every specific situation. Also, some of these benefits may prove difficult to be exploited when learned outside of the product’s contexts. 

Here are some benefits of the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner you might not have heard of:

  1. It’s the best solution for lifting soil. 

Both experts and satisfied users have said it: it’s the best solution for lifting soil. 

Soil embodies particles that matter in the cleanliness of hardwood floors. It includes dust, deposits, debris, stains, etc. 

Once a cleaner refers now to soil, one actually means that the dirt there is highly difficult to remove. 

Soils and other obstinate matters require to be lifted to be fully removed. 

Having said it, the lifting action makes for the safest cleaning solution as it prevents the soil from transferring to other surfaces like the fabric of your dress, or worse, entering your nose and mouth. 

Certainly, only a few products under the Bruce brand actually inhibit such action. Few brands outside Bruce also happened to possess this cleaning action technology. 

  1. It treats scratches on the floor surface. 

The Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner has a special layering solution that doesn’t simply cover floor surface scratches like what most average products do. This product by Bruce fills in the micro-tears along a scratch. 

But this formula is difficult to make the most of without learning a few tricks. 

These tricks include:

  • Giving 2 sprays of water on the surface following the application of the cleaner. 
  • Allowing the water and the solution to mix in 10 minutes before wiping it. 
  1. It provides minerals to the floor finish. 

It’s proven and tested: the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner has the necessary minerals that don’t only leave finish alone, but also enhance the finish layer with added minerals. 

The mineral both protects and enriches the hardwood quality, optimizing its sustainability for months, if not a year. 

Here are some tricks to maximizing its mineral content: 

  • Give 4-5 sprays into the surface. 
  • Apply 2-3 drops of teak oil.
  • Let the solution mix into the oil for 2-3 minutes before fully cleaning. 

2023 Buying Guide for Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner Products

The Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner is just one of the many amazing cleaner products under the brand series. 

Not all products, albeit the brand achievements, tend to be as good as the product in question. 

But this does not mean to say that the rest are inferior. It’s just that some do not match your current hardwood floor situation. 

Thus, it is best to match your floor needs to the right floor cleaner product:

Read our 2023 buying guide to do it:


While some prefer scented cleaners, not all household members do especially the ones with sensitive noses. 

You will have to look for the product that holds the balance between a fresh scent to an entirely no-scent after-finish experience. 
If you’re looking for scented products, try at least to pick the ones with citrus, summer, pine, and floral scents when cleaning hardwood floors. 

Polish Capacity

As a wise buyer, you should know the drawbacks following polish. Polish works 100% of the time by leaving films on the surface. Done on several bases, this film accumulates and thickens as a layer that locks in floor dirt, making it difficult to clean in the future. 

Look for a cleaner product that both polishes and avoids leaving film residue on floor finish at the same time. If you can’t find any, at least to one with a least dull film residue.


The best application design or package you must secure is a spray bottle design. With such an application mechanism, you will no longer have to be concerned over having over-apply cleaner on the floor. 

The spray bottle entails easy mixing of the solution with water or teak oil (as indicated above). Finally, the spray bottle solution should make economic use of the floor cleaner. 

Now that you’ve become more or less wise in choosing the best food cleaner for your floor needs, it’s time to learn how to use it on general hardwood floor maintenance…

Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Steps in General-Cleaning Hardwood Floor with Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Here are the steps on how to clean wood floors best use the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

Step #1. Prepare the solution and the rest of the cleaning materials. 

  • Set the space. 
  • Remove your shoes. 
  • Set the mop and bucket in place. 
  • Make sure to set the peripheries in the right exit traffic wherein you don’t have to walk over the cleaned floor areas. 

Step #2. Mix the cleaning solution with water. 

  • Prepare a medium-sized bottle of distilled water and a slice of lemon. 
  • Loose the spray head in the bottle to pour the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner solution into a bucket. Pour in water.
  • Finish with a slice of lemon. 
  • Mix thoroughly by slowly rotating the bucket in clockwise circular motion. 

Step #3. Dip your mop into the solution and begin mopping. 

  • Complete the mixing by dipping the mop into the bucket. 
  • Leave the mop to absorb the solution in 5-6 minutes.
  • Pull out the mop from the bucket and begin mopping in a one-lane path. 
  • Avoid going over the finished path. 
  • Make sure to get your back against the exit so you won’t have to step on the floor after cleaning. 

Step #4. Follow-up cleaning with a cloth. 

  • Dip a dry and clean cloth into the bucket. 
  • Wipe and apply it on difficult-to-reach areas with pressure from the hand. 
  • Maintain a one-cleaning path.

Step #5. Let mop suck out excess moisture. 

  • Apply the mop one more time into the floor area to absorb excess moisture.
  • Wring the mop to bring out water and direct it into the bucket. 
  • Apply the mop again. 
  • Wring the mop again. 
  • If the water turns murky, throw the water out of the bucket. 
  • Replace the bucket with clean water.

Step #6. Wash the floor for the final time. 

  • Dip the mop into the clean water. 
  • Allow water to soak into the mop for 5 minutes. 
  • Mop the floor again to wash it. 

Step #7. Dry the floor.

  • Remove the mop and bucket from the area. 
  • Wipe the entire floor with a clean and dry cloth. 
  • Direct a stand fan into the floor area (set to swinging head) to fully dry the floor. 

The steps above are the best ways to clean hardwood floors. Continue reading to answer some of your prevalent questions…


  1. Is the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner expensive?

Compared to most hardwood floor cleaner products, no – it should not be expensive. 

  1. Is the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner scented?

The Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner is only slightly scented, specifically fresh pine wood scent. 

  1. Does the Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner have finish?

The Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner has partial finish properties specifically of Urethane origin. 

Continue reading to learn our conclusion…

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The Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner ranks as one of today’s most innovative hardwood cleaning products. 

Designed to not only maintain but also protect hardwood floor, this product, as per professional review, is most economical to use. 
But as indicated by further research, the said cleaner requires some mastery of tricks to be optimized to its intended wonder. 

Given the buying guide and usage tips herein, it should not be difficult to use the cleaner. 

Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner